Hey Canada, we got you! 🇨🇦

Drumroll please…

Announcing our new partnership with AarTech!

We are super excited for this and what it means for all our friends in the Great White North! In classic Inovelli fashion though, we are announcing this as all the details are being finalized.

With this new partnership we plan on being able to ALWAYS be in stock. (I emphasize plan :wink:) Warranties, returns and exchanges will be handled by AarTech so better serve you as well.

More details to be released as the ink dries but expect to start seeing items in stock around 1 month from now.

It’s gonna be awesome!


Thanks Inovelli!!

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Good job, I’ll be checking AarTech for incoming stock.


That’s great news!

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Great news. Eh :ok_hand:

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Will you still be shipping via Amazon with Prime?

We won’t be, but Aartech will be :slight_smile:

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About time… I was talking to them in January and was talking up Inovelli to them. They said they had some samples to check out. Here we are 6 months later.

They are a 20 min drive from me but good at shipping.

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Hello. I was just curious if there was an update on this. The Inovelli dimmer switches are by far my favorite (the LED light is such a good feature), and I’ve been slowly trying to update switches in my house. I’ve usually bought through Amazon but noticed that they are now out of stock - I’m assuming that’s because they’ll be re-listed by Aartech. I noticed Aartech still says coming soon… I’m addicted to these switches and eagerly awaiting more availability in Canada. :smiley:

Hey @Stephen. The update we have is that the first shipment of switches should be delivered in the next few days to AarTech. We will certainly announce it everywhere we can once available!

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Awesome! Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

Just made my order on Aartech, products became “In Stock” sometime today. Were still “Coming Soon” when I checked earlier today, but just checked now they were “In Stock”. Go Canada!

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Quick question will Aartech carry the 10 pack bulk switches offered from your US website?


It looks like US website only at this time. Granted as with all things demand determines stocking (to a degree) - Out of Stock Item Thread w/ETA's

Anything is possible in the future but as for right now, AarTech will not be carrying the 10 packs.

@amdbuilder is correct! As of this moment 10 packs will only be sold on Inovelli.com - however we are in the process of ordering more of the red series dimmer 10 packs and some of those may possibly go to Aartech (although it hasn’t been fully discussed yet).

Also, if someone from Canada orders a 10 pack and then wants to return it, the return will be handled by Aartech. So there may be a chance you could snag a refurb 10 pack or something in the future!

Interesting, I guess another question, everything shipped from Inovelli.com to Canada will most likely see an import tax being charged at the Canadian border?

Also, being that the shipping/billing address is outside of US, I assume Inovelli.com webstore will not charge a sales tax?

Just trying to see the easiest (and cheapest) way to get 30 dimmers.

Correct. No sales tax charged by us. You will be responsible for customs/duties/taxes at the border or when received. We ship via USPS only so hopefully carrier charges should be the lowest possible.

We do also charge $20 flat rate fee for shipping to Canada since shipping is very expensive on our end to get it there. 30 dimmers would probably cost us about $90-100 in shipping due to weight.

I recall someone on the forum mentioned about bulk orders. Having 10 switches and 1 box/manual would be amazing. :slight_smile:

I got bored, but some math.

From Aartech’s webstore, the dimmers are $55.99 CAD each, so 30 (units) x $55.99 (per unit) * 1.13 (tax) = $1898.061 CAD

From Inovelli’s webstore, the 10 pack dimmers are $350, so 3x350+20=$1070 USD ($1416.36 CAD) then if I get charged less than 34% in import tax ($1416.36 * 1.34 = $1897.92), then it would be cheaper to purchase from the US, otherwise, I should just purchase them individually from Canada.

Hey so how did you come to 34%? I can’t find the info for electrical duties and regulations.

So you would prefer us not to do giant bulk orders? So we don’t kill your profit margin,