Home-wide LZW30-SN failure

I have a house full of LZW30-SN switches (~30 or so) at firmware 1.9 and I started with a working HS4 (HomeSeer 4) system using a HomeSeer SmartStick+.

One of the switches is a three-way that never worked properly. I updated the firmware on the switch to 1.20 and used parameter 13 which made the three way work nicely. I really liked the instant on functionality that came with 1.19 and decided to update the rest of my switches to 1.20. Turns out that HS4 can’t update the firmware on switches included securely (the three way wasn’t included securely for some reason). So I stopped homeseer and spun up zwavejs2mqtt. Two switches were able to update 1.20 easily.

However, when I tried to update the next switch, the firmware update timed out. After that, virtually every single LZW30-SN was reported dead in zwavejs2mqtt.

I picked one of the switches and tried to exclude, the switch’s exclusion timed out. I then tried to factory reset it, but after holding the config button for 20 seconds, the red light just turns off (it doesn’t blink).

Next, I then tried to reset the smartstick. No changes.
I then installed the PC Controller and tried to use that on a laptop sitting beside some affected switches. No changes. They can’t be excluded, added, or factory reset.

I did come across some switches that were able to be factory reset, excluded, and added; but most of the ones I’ve tested don’t respond to z-wave anymore.

Note, local functionality on all switches still works, just the z-wave part seems to be failing.

tldr; after a firmware update timed out, a large amount of LZW30-SN stop responding to includes, excludes, and factory resets.

Did you try airgapping or power cycling any of the switches?

Do you mean factory resetting the USB stick? You’re starting over now?

I would try airgapping the one that didn’t update and see if things start to work better. Heck, just airgap them all but the one you’re trying to get working and do an airgap to power cycle it before you try to get it working.

I have had attempting an update lockup switches before. It was always a total lockup though, it didn’t work at all until I air gapped it (power cycled it).

I have found zwavejs2MQTT can act up and require restarting to get it working again.

I’ve tried power cycling them all with no change.

And by resetting the USB stick, I mean I reset the network interface and started a new z-wave network.

Your suggestion to airgap everything except the one I’m actively working with seems interesting. I’ll give that a shot.

I restarted zwavejs2MQTT, went back to HomeSeer, and even tried the Z-Wave PC Controller. Nothing made a difference…

I should mention, all the non-inovelli z-wave devices still worked perfectly fine.

Take a look at this thread. The circumstances and hub are different (power outage and HA), but seemingly dead devices and zwavejs2mqtt are the same. In @bbradley’s case, he suspected that something was going on with zwavejs2mjqtt and his devices came back to life about a day and a half later.

There have been other reports of devices coming back to life after a period of time as well.

Restart zwavejs2mqtt or re-interview the switch.
I’ve been having similar issues with zwavejs for the past few months, usually at startup or when running an automation that causes a lot of traffic. A firmware update would cause a lot of traffic.

It’s much too late to restart zwavejs2mqtt or re-interview the switch, I’ve already wiped the network.

However, this morning I popped the airgap switch on all the inovelli switches and then only worked with one.

It responded properly. I was able to exclude it, include it, and then update the firmware.

Another case of “coming back to life after a period of time” as Bry put it? Or maybe with so many switches being in a dead network, the traffic was too much?

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The second one was my suspicion, a switch flooding the network for some reason so badly that the others can’t work.