Homey Pro with Canopy relay/blue 2-1 switch

I recently purchased a canopy relay to support my ceiling fan with light. We had an old RF receiver that was decent for fan, but didn’t like LED smart bulbs. While the canopy relay helped with the light issue, I now have no control over the fan. The relay will connect as a generic zigbee device to HP, but only operates the lights.

I understand that inovelli is currently working on a Homey Pro integration that will hopefully fix this issue and make it much smoother in the future, I can’t seem to figure out a way to operate the fan. Currently I have the RF receiver reconnected to the fan and the canopy relay for the light as a work around, but does anyone have any suggestions or insight as to how to manually configure this without the HP giving me any access?

Appreciated in advance!

Unfortunately, I think you’re stuck. The canopy is designed to be either Zigbee bound to a Blue switch or addressed via automations. I don’t know HP, but I’m guessing that until you can get the canopy properly added to the hub, you’re hosed. That’s probably going to take an Inovelli integration, which won’t be a thing anytime soon.

I believe Homey Pro is capable of communicating with Zigbee2MQTT: Zigbee2MQTT App for Homey | Homey. I’ve never used Homey so not sure about setup or details. It may be the easiest path forward than waiting for a direct integration being made in Homey.


This is correct, but in order for me to utilize that app, I need their hub/bridge. I attempted for force it for a bit yesterday with no luck.

Hopefully not that long. I know it’s fairly new, but I’m holding out hope. I know I can work around it by purchasing another hub, but that degrees the purpose of the HP.

I don’t believe there’s any current (official) work in progress for creating a native integration for Homey. You can see previous discussion around it here: Please add an app/drivers for the Homey Pro 2023 hub

Inovelli is a small company (3-4 people). The majority of the drivers / integrations are made by the community and @EricM_Inovelli working together. I think it’s unlikely that Inovelli would have the capacity to invest in building an integration there currently. That said, if you and other users wanted to start building functionality for it in Homey, Inovelli has excellent documentation on it and functionality could be adapted from either Z2M or ZHA (from Home Assistant).

@rohan according to @Eric_Inovelli in the below Homey forum thread, integration with Homey is being worked on.


Ah cool! News to me since @Eric_Inovelli didn’t post about it on his own forum :joy:

Thank you! I was trying to find the thread, I knew I read it, but couldn’t.

Hey guys – wanted to clarify that we are working on it, but since we have to go through a certified third party to develop the drivers, it’s taking forever as they mentioned it’s some of the most complex firmware they’ve seen, so they are having difficulty with it. Ugh…


Appreciate the update!!

Thanks for the update! If I didn’t have so many Inovelli products, I would have already switched to using Homey Pro. Support can’t come soon enough.