How do I bind two Blue switches in Z2M?

I tried referring to How To's | Setup Zigbee Binding - Home Assistant (Zigbee2MQTT), which claims that the instructions are for Z2M, but it only contains videos for ZHA, which doesn’t help.

The binding UI in Z2M isn’t particularly obvious to those of us who aren’t Zigbee experts. I’m just trying to bind two switches, one of which controls a load and one of which doesn’t. Help, please…?

Here’s a video of MQTT binding which is what you’re looking for. If you follow it, it should work for you.

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Thanks! Didn’t realize I had to look at “groups” and not “bind”.

I’m trying to do the same thing. There are no smart bulbs in the fixture and I have two Blue dimmers installed. One dimmer controls load (mudroom solo), the other dimmer (mudroom) is only powered by line/neutral.
I attempted to set up my bindings as such but the powered only dimmer (mudroom) does not affect the primary dimmer (mudroom solo).

Powered only dimmer is set to smart bulb mode. Primary dimmer is set to single pole, non-smart mode. Am I doing this wrong?

It looks like you’re looking on the “Bind” page like I originally was. Check out the “Groups” page and it should become more clear.

I’ve set up a group with the two dimmers. The powered only dimmer is still not working as expected. Do I also need to set up binding for the group?

nm. Got it. Set up the second switch binding to the group and it works now. I’ve got a few kinks to work out (like dimming function and LED bar synchronization) but I understand the relationship. Thank you.

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I have two Blue switches controlling one light.
Blue 1 has line, load and neutral.
Blue 2 just has line and neutral, so it’s not physically connected to the light, and also no traveller to Blue 1.

Just hoping for the best, for Blue 1, in Z2M I selected "Bind, then added the following to new binding:

  1. Source Endpoint: 2
  2. Destination: Blue 2
  3. Destination Endpoint: 1
  4. Clusters: LevelCtrl, OnOff checked

For Blue2, I also went to Z2M->Bind and added

  1. Source Endpoint: 2
  2. Destination: Blue 1
  3. Destination Endpoint: 1
  4. Clusters: LevelCtrl, OnOff checked

I have no idea what source or destination endpoints do, but everything works this way. With LevelCtrl checked but OnOff unchecked, I could change the brightness of the lights with the dimming function, but couldn’t turn the lights on or off. Checking “OnOff” fixed this, quite obviously in hindsight.

I didn’t check Identify or manuSpecificInovelliVZM31SN, not sure what these do.

Edit: All of this is spelled out in the post linked from the video, here:
How To's | Setup Zigbee Binding - Home Assistant (Zigbee2MQTT). Looks like I stumbled on the right solution.