How to get the notification to continue if lights turned on/off

If a notification is triggered (say for indefinitely) but then the switch/lights are turned on/off the notification color/effect/etc don’t continue. Is there a way to tell the switch to override the on/off led and prefer notification led when one is currently in effect? or to go back to the notification setting that is currently on?

It looks like the behavior on the switch is different from the behavior on the dimmer.

On my Red Series Switch, the notification light stays on (turning the light on or off does not clear the notification).
On my Red Series Dimmer, the notification gets cleared when I turn the light on or off.

Perhaps this is a firmware bug?

Definitely interesting. Sounds to me like it may be a bug as I cant thing of a reason this would be different between the switch and dimmer.

I forget which post but I asked this question and someone directed me to where inovelli confirmed that is how firmware on the dimmer works. They just submitted a list of firmware tweaks to the manufacturer so fingers crossed this can be changed with an update in the coming months.

Looks like its already listed as a known issue:

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This thread is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

Not sure what controller you are using (and if you can do something similar in other controllers), but if you are using the notification LED as more of a state indicator and you are using Home Assistant you can work around this with a little extra work.

First create a input_number entity in your configuration.yaml

    name: Great Room Notification
    initial: 0
    min: 0
    max: 100600575
    step: 1

Restart your Home Assistant to enable the new entity.

Second update your automation that sets the notification by setting the value of the input_number at the same time you set the config parameter. You will need to add the following action:

  value: 50268673 # Replace with the value of your notification
entity_id: input_number.great_room_notification
service: input_number.set_value

Next create a new automation to reset the notification value:

- id: '1579655838456'
  alias: Great Room - Persistent Notifications
  description: ''
  - entity_id: light.great_room
    platform: state
  condition: []
  - data_template:
      node_id: 25
      parameter: 16
      value: '{{ states("input_number.great_room_notification") | int }}'
    service: zwave.set_config_parameter

You can probably simplify this flow by writing some scripts, but I have tested this and it work as is. There are some draw backs to this. Clearing the notification from the switch is temporary. Once you change the state of the switch (toggling, etc.) the notification will be restored from the input_number. If your notifications have a time limit they also will be restored from the input_number and “restart” the count down.


I wonder if this is the source of my Strange Notification Issue

I have a notification configured to turn the LED’s red when my alarm is armed. When the alarm arms, it triggers a virtual switch with a webcore piston to turn on all the notification child devices. Everything turns on as it should but the LED stays blue.

This is all done as part of a routine which also turns off all of the lights. I wonder if the off command for the light is preventing the LED from changing even though the notification child device is staying on? Although in my case this is happening on both switches and dimmers.

@MRobi I’m on Hubitat rather than ST but I’ve never had my switches notification LED turn off when I change the state of the physical switch. If you turn on the virtual switch manually does the notification LED change to what your expecting?


This switches don’t seem to change the Notification LED when toggled, but the Dimmers have this problem . I suspect that this has to do with the fact that the Dimmer uses the LED to indicate the of Dimming at the time user interaction, but when you stop dimming the switch the previous notification does not return.

I would love a fix to this behavior as it if virtually impossible for me to keep the Notification on my Dimmers and Switch in sync…

Yeah, sorry I meant to reply to MRobi who said he was having this issue on both switches and Dimmers, I’ve seen it’s a known issue with Dimmers and I’m guessing you’re right about why it’s happening and hopefully a firmware update can correct it on the Dimmers.

@Terk Yes, when I manually switch on the child device the LED changes. Also when I manually turn on the virtual switch that triggers the child device, the LED changes. However when the alarm arming routine turns on the virtual switch the child device status for the notification shows that it’s on, but the LED doesn’t actually change. This is why I’m wondering if it’s related. The off command for the switch that’s in the same routine may be keeping the LED blue even though the notification child device is turning on.

This is my workaround in hubitat. I have a rule machine rule which re-sends the on command for any notification child that is on when the dimmer level changes or the switch changes state.

So far it seems to be working ok.

One could probably write an app to watch the dimmers and do this automatically.

There’s only one issue to your workaround. The trigger is that the switch state needs to change (from off to on/vice versa).

The LED notification also disables if you send an off command to a switch that’s already off (ie: part of a goodnight routine that shuts off all lights). So since the state never changes, it won’t re-trigger the notification.

For hubitat use the drivers from RMoRobert, then use rule machine to set the indicator LED instead of using notification feature.

I looked at those drivers, tried it on one switch, couldn’t get the default led colour to change and just used the inovelli drivers.

Maybe I should spend a bit of time playing with it. I see the benefit of sending a command in RM to change the default colour when the notification would normally be on, and then change it back when it’d be off. Then you can manipulate the switch all you want without worrying about cancelling the notification.