Hubitat LZW36 Button Controller pushed/held mappings to switch taps/holds?

Maybe I’m going blind in my old age, but I cannot seem to find any documentation for how physical taps/holds on the new fan/light switch map to press/hold buttons in Hubitat’s Button Controller app. Does anyone have the info and willing to share, or give me a pointer to where it is hiding right under my nose???

I’m trying to find a list too but also don’t see one. However, if you check the “Enable informational logging” setting in the driver and then start pressing/holding/releasing things, you’ll see things like “button 1 pushed” appear in the “Logs” screen on Hubitat for this device. That might be the easiest way to just see in real time what corresponds to what. :slight_smile:

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Light button taps 1-5 = button controller buttons 1-5 pressed.

Dimmer up = button controller 7 pressed.
Dimmer down = button controller 7 held.

Hold light button = button controller 8 pressed.
Released = button controller 6 pressed.

Fan button taps 1-5 = button controller 1-5 held.

Fan up = button 9 pressed.
Fan down = button 9 held.

Hold fan button = button 8 held.
Release = button 6 held.

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This had been answered in another thread

…incompletely might I add. Missing button 7 (light dimmer up(press)/down(hold)) and button 9 (fan speed up(press)/down(hold))…