iLumin bulb config files?

So I found the open zwave config files for the gen2 dimmers/switches, but was wondering if there were files available for the iLumin bulbs that came in the “black friday” 4 pack deal? Mine all show as “inovelli.unknown” in home assistant (just like the switches did until I updated the configs).

Was hoping an updated config file would allow them to show properly in HomeAssistant.


For OZW 1.4 You can try these


for OZW 1.6 You can use these

Thank you for the links!

Stupid question, since I have these bulbs already configured in home assistant, will I just need to remove/re-add them to get them to pull the new configs, or is there a way around that?

Which Zwave Integration in HA are you using? Personaly bulbs are the only that I havn’t got working fully yet myself.

You should be able to simply add/update the config files.

Make note that in the case of NEW files that weren’t present before make sure the manufacture_specific.xml file gets updated. It keeps a list of devices and where the associated config file is located.

Once thats done restart your zwave controller. With the native home-assistant integration just restart home assistant. If using something like Zwave2MQTT or the like just restart that. Zwave should update existing devices with the updated data from the new configs. You should not have to re-add or make drastic changes to existing devices.

Just the native HA integration. All of my bulbs currently show up as unknown, Multilevel Power Switch, and the only thing I can configure is the level…

This is after a few restarts.

I know when I updated the xml files for the switches, I had to remove the zwave config entries for the nodes and then let them get re-added…they didn’t get updated.

You might be able to call refresh node in the zwave control panel in HA (I havent tested it on OZW 1.4, but calling Refresh Node Info in OZW 1.6 causes it to reload the config file and update the device)