Inovelli Blue switches in northern Japan (100VAC 50Hz)

Hello, I would like to use a Inovelli blue switch in Japan with the following conditions:

  • 100VAC
  • 50Hz
  • ZigBee
  • Home assistant
  • No neutral
  • No 3-way (only single switch)
  • Hue Philips smart bulbs
  • Dimmer function in smart bulb mode

By reading this discussion it seems that it might work but I would like to have more conclusive proof if it is available.


I think Inovelli checked and the manufacturer did not recommend using on Japan electric grid; however YMMV.

Using Inovelli switches in (southern) Japan - #8 by Eric_Inovelli?

The manufacturer said the dimmer doesn’t work on 50hz. They probably fixed the timing controlling the FETs so it can’t track down to 50hz.

What about if the analog feature of the dimmer is not used but only as a digital controller for Home Assistant?

I mean: Dimmer on Innovelli switch → Home Assistant → Smart Bulb

I am aware of the return policy but just to be on the safe side, let me ask: do you know if I can return one switch after I test it and, for some reason, it does not work as expected?

EDIT I just realized they do not ship to Japan in the first place. That’s it. I am out.
Thank you for the feedback anyway. I hope that one day they are going to make a switch that can be used outside of North America.

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