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A little background. I have quite a few Inovelli switches. This includes 4-LZW36 fan and light switches. They work fine. 8 days ago installed two more to control lanai fan/lights. Unfortunately, one fan control ‘chain’ is stuck and a replacement is on the way, so I don’t know about that fan. However the other isn’t and I believe it’s the LZW36. Behavior of the fan is erratic. Turn them on (light or fan) from the app and nothing happens. The switch LED’s say it’s on. Turn them off from the switch (LED’s ramp to off) and nothing happens, but the app says they’re still on. Turn them off from the app, then turn them back on from the app. Wow, fan and lights come on. Turn them off from the switch, turns them off. Fantastic. App says they’re still on. Turn them off in the app then try to turn them on with the switch, nothing happens (LED’s ramp up) but the app says they didn’t turn on. Turn them off at the switch, and then back on, they come on. Turn off at the app and they turn off. Try to turn them back on… By now, if you’ve stuck with me, you can guess. Behavior is totally random. I woke up yesterday and the light was pulsing. Switch and app say it’s off. Turn the switch on and then off, the light turns off. Of course it won’t come back on. Suggestions? Inovelli appears to be stumped as I haven’t heard anything back in over a day.

Are you on the 1.36 firmware? The firmware that came from the factory had some connection issues but they were resolved in that 1.36 firmware (to the best of my knowledge).

Sounds exactly like what you are describing.

Another thread worth looking at:

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Since the Firmware post is dated August of 2020 I’m assuming I’m running it because I purchased these switches in December and February. How do I check to see what firmware they’re running? The device handler I’m running is dated 8/14/2020.

Open the SmartThings IDE. In the My Devices tab, open the page for the LZW36. Copy and paste the Raw Description. It’ll look like this. The firmware version follows the “Ver”.

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