Instructions on z-wave association LZW30-SN

Please help with instructions on how to install the smart app located here.

The smart things groovy API has smart apps and device handlers and no instructions on what is what and how to use. I published one as a smart app from code…and added the other published as a DH… added it under my smart apps on the classic app interface… but then when I try to create a new z wave device association… it just hangs.

Desire: Associate red series on/off switch with z wave bulbs (non inovelli) to use light switch as a normal one but still be able to use multi button presses for scene activation.

If and when i get z wave association working - will it be faster than scene control through smart things hub? And how does one set up the inovelli switch to be able to do this.

Any and all help appreciated.


@richthetech - Check out this community post. It may help:

Yes. Read that post a lot. But no instructions on how to even get the smart app actually running. That’s my stumbling block. I have only come to ST groovy API via Innovelli. So I am at a complete loss as to what I should be loading, publishing, pasting into what and where… :grin:

Ahhh… yea I don’t have an experience in the Association Tool. I would ping @Eric_Inovelli or @EricM_Inovelli for some of those details that are missing.

I just set this up yesterday. You should create 2 SmartApps from the 2 files. Publish zwave-association-tool.src and leave zwave-association.src unpublished.

Yes, the association will be significantly faster than using the SmartThings hub. However, I have two bulbs and one will always turn off/on before the other by about a quarter second. I was expecting them to turn off/on simultaneously.

Thank you Eric. The details in your post is what worked for the first step in getting it up and running without crashing… “Publish” the ‘tool’ and only create the .src one. Then one can add your own Smart App using the classic tool and it will be there and no longer crash…

Now to the next question that hopefully @Eric_Inovelli or @EricM_Inovelli can help with.

How should the switch be set once associations with a Z wave Bulb device is accomplished? And how many bulbs can be associated with a switch at the same time? And how do I accomplish turning lights on and off but still keeping them connected to the ST hub for automations?

Hoping to have a better natural response from a switch and or dimmer while using an auxiliary like you show in the videos.

Hope this makes sense.


@richthetech So after the associations are setup (with up to 5 bulbs), the automation and control via SmartThings should be done to the bulbs. So local protection would be enabled (disable the relay), and the bulbs should be controlled in schedules, routines, scenes, etc (not the Inovelli Switch).

Thank @EricM_Inovelli. However this then falls into the other issue I am having is that the switches eventually turn off. Summary: when lights are off and the relay is bypassed the switch eventually goes into an off state… LED light on switch goes dim as if the relay has been physically turned off of course no such action is actually happening. Confirmed it a few times on different switches in different setups… however they are controlling all the same zigbee potlights. One is on a single pole and two are in a three way with three lights and six lights. I have an open conversation with @Eric_Inovelli… Emails to [email protected] but haven’t heard anything for a few days and have done a lot more testing that confirms what I am seeing.

I have found a temp fix for the issue - I set up Smart Light Automation to both tell ST to turn on the LED lights AND the switch when I “Press Button One” and just turn off the LED lights when I “Hold Button One” corresponding to top push and bottom push. This does require one to include the “turn on switch” action whenever I need to control the pot lights through any automation as well… but it is working.


@richthetech, just want to confirm that there aren’t any other SmartApps or automations that would be turning them off? In the classic app the easiest way to tell is to tap on the “SmartApps” tab for the device. It will show any SmartApp that is using the device.

Edit: Also, are you seeing this on the single pole and 3-way? What kind of setup is there for the 3-way circuits? (dumb or aux switch).

HHey @EricM_Inovelli,

Thanks for the Christmas Eve :christmas_tree: tech support :gift:

I have confirmed there are no automations for the switches in question. As a test I did have some automations run on the switches. And ST will correctly report it being off when an automation does the controlling. As well an automation will turn on the switch successfully whether the switch was reporting on but really off.

I am using the LED on the switch for confirmation that it has power. That and the led smart lights will report being offline when the switches LED is display off.

I am experiencing this on both a single pole and two different three ways. And this is only when the switch relay is bypassed. If I just leave the switch on and set up a scene for double clicking the switch to turn on and off the smart lights it always keeps power. It’s only when the relay is bypassed does the power eventually turn off.

The 3 ways are paired with a dumb switch. New house build so neutral wires being used in the 3 way.