Light Almond Paddles Are Here!

Only took us a year and a half, figuring out there’s a difference between almond and light almond, but we finally did it everyone… light almond paddles are now here! And as they say, “light almond is the new white”.

Links should be up on the site shortly – @Brianna_Inovelli and @anon14959390 are working on it today!


This is great news. I’m about to pull the trigger on my order. The price for shipping to Canada is ridiculous though! Ugg.

Great to hear! I’m ordering my first few Red Series Switches/Dimmers now that they are available in Light Almond. All our switches are Ivory or Light Almond, slowly switching to LA. So glad they are finally available!

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Us too lol! They do look sharp admittedly :slight_smile:

Do you have a color comparison of what other manufacturer’s Light Almond they match? We tend to use Leviton plates and dumb switches, but I know there are at least 3 different shades of LA from the major manufacturers.

No, not really - we just matched them to the Lutron Claro line.

There’s a post here that shows some of the various manufacturers and our Almond and Light Almond:

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My whole house is Light Almond. I got so tired of dealing with the various differences in color, and lack of availability of smart home devices in LA that I committed to a white makeover. Funny that these are now available.

It’s like rain on your wedding day…

To be fair, I wrote a very detailed email to your team in December of last year laying out this exact issue. :smiley:

Are these for sale somewhere? I can’t find them on your website?

Ahh nevermind. I found them in the dropdown, but you should probably add Light Almond to this list too. :slight_smile: