Lights flash while dimming

New black series dimmer. New LED lights. (Contractor grade, say they are dimmable. )
Lights strobe while increasing or decreasing. I even tried setting right to a specific level. Gif doesn’t do it justice.

Try setting the max level to 80% or below to see if that changes anything.

Are those cans or wafers? If they’re cans, try temporarily swapping in an incandescent. If you have no flickering, then try a different LED bulb. Check the compatibility list. It’s undergoing a porting to an app, so if you can’t find a compatible bulb, Inovelli may be able to do a manual lookup.

They are wafers

They may not be compatible. I don’t know a lot about wafers, but according to @Eric_Inovelli , there aren’t a lot of wafers that work with Inovelli dimmers. There aren’t any on the bulb compatibilty chart, but there might be in the database that Inovelli is working on.

If they’re not compatible, a work-around might be to use something like a Zwave micro-dimmer and then control with the Inovelli via direct association.

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I’ll post the raw data to our bulb compatibility list page while the dev works on the app :slight_smile:

@uSlackr there are some wafer lights on the list – if you sort by type and style, it should get you a few!

Here’s the link for reference: Copy of Compatibility List - Google Sheets

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Thanks. Contractor used Lithonia Lighting 6" Ultra Thin LED wafer. Looking at this again, it does not say it is dimmable. PLaying with Smartthings app last night, it appears they strobe all the way to 60-65%. I did see moments of stability at different levels.

It looks like Lithonia manufactures six 6" wafers.

If you pull down the spec sheets, you’ll see a “dimmable” logo on the right. That’s the only place dimmable seems to be mentioned.

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So I’m not nuts. That’s good to know.

Also, I swapped the dimmers back out for black series switches. I’ll have to find another place for them