Lost medium speed on fan controller for 3rd time

Hello, I have 2 Hampton Bay Altura fans, one in the living room and one in my master bedroom. Both have Inovelli Red fan/light controllers. The bedroom has lost the medium fan speed, for the 3rd time today.

Inovelli support has replaced the canopy module the first 2 times, and it seems like a known issue but I feel like a heel needing a 4th module. I’ve offered to help troubleshoot if there was anything I could test or more info I could provide, but was never taken up on the offer.

To me, it just seems, since it has been the bedroom fan everytime, that there could some other cause for it. Something with this fan in particular and it will continue happening over and over.

Both fans are the same, both had the control modules in the bottom of the fan instead of the canopy meaning it needed bypassed. This was accomplished on both fans with this:

Both fans are capacitive assisted in starting, which the above linked module retains. Both fans are in essence identical. Only difference is in usage. The bedroom fan is used nightly where the living room is rarely in use.

I’d like to get this figured out, module replaced, and not have to worry about it anymore.

Thoughts, advice?


Anyone still here for support?

I’ve not experienced this on any of my fans, and I have 5 installed and operating daily.

The failed canopy module needs to be inspected to determine what failed in it. Then, the task of figuring out why it failed can begin. The user forum here can’t really provide any help with this, it needs to be the manufacturer.

The two previous modules were sent back in through RMA. I’m assuming with the product being pulled for the other issues people were experiencing means they can’t RMA for this issue either as they no longer are for the other problems, hence this post.

What else am I to do? I wasn’t looking for the community to troubleshoot, I was hoping for a response from support or the owner.

Take a look at this thread @Eric_Inovelli or @EricM_Inovelli.

Did you open a support ticket by chance? I believe that’s your best bet for confirming whether an RMA is an option or what the possible next-steps are.

You may get a response from one of the Erics, but I know they have a lot on their plates especially with the Blue series coming out at some point soon. The support ticket helps track requests and make sure you get a response from someone with Inovelli.

I know they were tracking data here but I think they ended up somewhat at the mercy of their manufacturer and not sure if things were left in limbo somewhat because of that.

I did not, the thread you linked is why I created this thread. They state they are no longer RMA’ing them.

It does look like they’ll honor returns still for defective units, but I get if you’re looking to still have something working in-place today and that’s not a great option. In the mid-term, you might be able to go the 2 switch route with the Blue series light and fan switches once those come out?

I’d still recommend the ticket to make sure you’re covered and to help avoid this getting missed just in case. Definitely wishing you the best of luck on it, know that doesn’t count for much though when having issues.

I will, thanks.

Hey @domsim00 – first, I am extremely sorry for all the back and forth it seems you’ve encountered. I can’t imagine having to climb a ladder or at least undue the canopy as many times as you have.

Second, at this point, yes, I think it’s probably best we just refund you for the product. It sounds like it’s either you got extremely unlucky with the 3 modules, or the fan is just not compatible for some reason.

I hope that one day the manufacturer can take a look into it further, but until we are able to get back on good terms with them, I don’t see that happening.

We will hopefully be able to negotiate this in an upcoming deal that should be announced the in the next couple weeks where we will have some backing by a larger company that already works with the manufacturer, but until anything is signed, I can’t promise anything and therefore, I am happy to just give you a refund and let you keep the switch.

I sincerely wish I had better news. It sucks to read these and not really be able to do anything about it.

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Thanks, I don’t need the the refund. Appreciate it though.

I reported the same problem a month ago and nothing happened [email protected].