LZW-36 Fan/Light Availability?

The LZW-36 (combo Fan/Light switch) is an awesome piece of tech. It is currently unavailable.

The Inovelli forums seems to be forward-focussing (which is great in general) but seem to be light on details of when regular products may get another production run or not.

Would it be possible to maybe make this clearer, maybe even have earlier pre-ordering, or kickstarter focussed production runs for more enthusiast-oriented products ?

Hi @robf22!

I urge you to check out our “Out of Stock” Thread where we keep updates on exactly what you asked for - when products are coming back into stock.

As you will be able to see in that thread, Fan + Light is slated to not return until early 2022 due to shortages in the supply chain. We are also currently having an issue with some technical aspects of the switch (see THIS thread) so we have currently taken the remaining units down that we do have. Once we have resolved the disconnection issue we will have about 50 remaining units to put up for sale.

We do pre-orders for almost all products, but only when we know we have set dates from our manufacturer, as they often change things around on us with little to no warning. January is a bit too far away still for us to open a pre-order for fan switches.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply @Courtney_Inovelli Y’all amazing in these forums.

When the disconnection issue with the Fan + Light is resolved I’d really like to purchase one of the remaining 50 units if possible :smile:

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For sure! I have a list of a few people who are interested as well so I’d be happy to add you to it!

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Could you add my name to that list? I’d like to purchase one when they’re available, as well.


Ooh, me too, please? :grinning:

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@Courtney_Inovelli - please add me for 1. I have one that’s currently not working.

@Courtney_Inovelli , I missed the notification when the last lot of refurbs became available.

Are you planning to resell and in the near future as I need two complete my home. I’ve not had any issues with teh three I already have installed.

I went through and sold all the refurbs in the big pile we had, but I think there may be a few more laying around the office somewhere I can test. I will reach out if I can find any!

I would really like a notification if there are any more refurbs found. I only need one.