LZW30 and hue bulbs

I searched in forums but i was not able to find this topic nor i don’t think is listed in install guide or spec sheet.

I ordered LZW30 Red Series and installed it in outlet that is controlling Phillips Hue Bulbs. Reason i ordered this switch was because it has listed support for smart bulbs. After receiving the switch i realized that i am not sure what that exactly means. :slight_smile:

Right now i am using Home Assistant & Hue Hub to operate these lights, & its working just fine. Also Circadian lighting is working perfect. No issues.

What i am trying to accomplish is & not sure if its possible: can i turn on/off these hue light bulbs by pressing On/Off on LZW30 & also still keep ability to manage them via HA & Hue Hub.

thanks in advance & sorry if this is a silly question, but i was not able to find and answer or any guidance in documentation on Inovelli or HA site

Yes you can. You want to disable the local and remote relay. Then setup an association between the switch and bulb. That way the bulb always has power but the association will turn off the bulb.

That is great news & thank you @stu1811
Can you please tell me how can I setup association between LZW30 and bulb? or point me to documentation/guide how to get this done

Thank you @stu1811, but no luck!
i disabled local relay by pressing config button 8 times. I have not seen option to disable remote relay option.
i followed the the guide that you shared, in Step #4 i dont see any of my Hue Bulbs (assuming because they are Zigbee). I see only my zwave devices. Even adding switch itself to the group 2 , (which does not makes sense), does not do anything. Does it even makes sense to associate switch itself to group 2?

Seems i’ve hit the brick wall, again.

Oh, I didn’t realize hue was zigbee. I thought it was zwave. Let me look

Since the switch is zwave and the bulbs are zigbee, they are not able to talk to each other directly.

Basically, you would need to disable the local relay (which it looks like you already did), and then use zwave scenes to trigger HA automations to control the bulb.

i thought that might be only option. I am already doing that with LZW31. I was hoping i would not have to always rely on automation platform.

My post from last week will work for you since I just used scenes.

Edit: just realized this is a home assistant board, but hope my hubitat logic still somewhat applies!

hello everyone,
thanks for your responses and help. Before i posted this topic here i contacted Inovelli support with same question and they came back to me with solution that is working. I’m very thrilled about it. I am able to turn on and off my Hue Lights by just pressing the On/Off button. TBH correct statement: my wife will be very happy :slight_smile:
here is the info i recieved from support:

Previously before smart bulb mode, you were only able to turn on and off the smart bulbs using scene control and not dim.

With the new mode, you can have that functionality. Here’s a chart to help understand the buttons and how they control the bulbs:

  ♦ Button 1 pressed - turn hue bulbs off

  ♦ Button 1 held - start dimming hue bulbs down

  ♦ Button 1 released - stop dimming hue bulbs

  ♦ Button 2 pressed - turn hue bulbs on

  ♦ Button 2 held - start dimming hue bulbs up

  ♦ Button 2 released - stop dimming hue bulbs

  ♦ Button 3 pressed (config button) - set the bulbs to your favorite settings ( i.e. 50% 2700K)

Hope this helps others

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