LZW30-SN turning off by itself

Hi Folks,

I’m struggling with all of my switches LZW30-SN, all of them turning off by itself after some random time!
All of them are connected to SmartThings Hub, I tried to connect them to Home Assistant, even to keep them not connected to anything! Same result!
I have no any automation.
I have any type of connection: 3-way, 2-way and single. Most of them just only feed to Lifx bulbs (power consumption is very low, about 5-15W)

My current configuration is

debugEnable bool true
disableLocal enum 1
disableRemote enum 0
enableDisableLocalChild bool true
enableDisableRemoteChild bool false
infoEnable bool true
parameter1 enum 1
parameter10 number 2
parameter11 number 60
parameter12 number 2
parameter2 enum 0
parameter3 number 0
parameter4 number 7
parameter5 enum 170
parameter5custom number
parameter6 enum 10
parameter7 enum 3

Looking for any help!

Thank you in advance,

I am having the same issue with the red series switch not dinner as you. In a conversation with @EricM_Inovelli in another thread.

Summary: When the internal relay is bypassed the switch eventually turns off. Mine are connected to smart led pot lights. So I need continuous power which is what turning off the internal relay is supposed to be for. When the switch turnes itself off it does not report back to my smartthings hub that it is off. ST still thinks it is on but the bulbs report being offline. If I use ST to turn the switch off then on again power is restored to the switch and the bulbs report back as being off again.

I have been able to use the switches with scene control by making a ST “Smart Lighting Automation” that when I press the switch to turn on the lights I also turn on the switch at the same time. So to the user it works as expected.

I’m hoping the issue can be figured out through a firmware upgrade.


I may have an answer as my issue seemed very similar, but I solved it in an area I did not expect: as I was putting in Inovelli switches, I was replacing my dumb switches with a nice new version of Leviton or Legrand; these have a tiny LED in them just as a on/off indicator, and the crude circuit they used for them was triggering the Inovelli as a dumb-switch toggle, turning it off. I replaced those switches with the cheapest kind I could find, and no more issues.

Hope this helps you and others too.

Thanks for the information. However I have this happening with dumb switches in a 3 way and one by itself in a single pole. Both setups eventually turn off.

Same to me! Most of my switches are singles

This likely isn’t it, but it’s worth checking. Double-check to insure the Auto Off Timer didn’t inadvertently get set.

There are two parameters

parameter3 number 0
parameter4 number 7

param3 - Auto Off Time (set to 0)
param4 - Association Behavior (set to 7 / z-wave hub & local & 3-way)

Where does one find and set these parameters? I am using SmartThings as the hub. And these are on /off series switches. Not dimmers.

In the ST Classic app, select the switch, then the gear icon top right to access the settings.

If that is a question, yes.

Interesting addition

I was trying to enable local control for the switches and let them stay in that state.
And the most funniest, that they started turning off and than on!
So, in the middle of the night I had an uncontrolled light show! I had to disable local control for the all switches back.

Hey @EricM_Inovelli, could you please confirm that you know about this bug and provide us with some ETA when it is going to be fixed

Thank you in advance!

I’m having this same issue with one of my LZW30-SN switches. I find it randomly turned off (at least twice a day) and have to manually keep turning the relay back on then disabling local control again. It’s in a single pole installation controlling 5 LED smart bulbs.

Have you had any success with stopping the random shut down of the on off switch. I Even changed out my LED downlights in the single pole set up and eventually the power Reading on the switch drops to zero and that’s when it turns off.

All of my on off switches are using down lights. Will try to set up in a non-down light situation.

@EricM_Inovelli @anon64478871 Any additional help you can provide would be appreciated.

I haven’t installed the on/off device yet. I’ll instal it this week. Is it the black or red series you are having the issue with ? And it sounds like you have it wired as a 3 way ?

Hi Scott,

It is the red series lzw30-sn. I have them in both 3 way and single pole.


Ok are both giving you the same problem or just when its the 3 way config ?

All types of configuration with all types of bulbs. Some smart / some dumb. All led though. Or put another way. Out of 7 installs of the on/off switches every one exhibits this behaviour.

I have the same problem …
I purchased the red series dimmer switches in the special four pack a month ago. I have only installed one, however, because it is not working correctly (never has). I use this in a single pole application to power a Philips Hue light bulb. I set the dimmer up so it always supplies power. But within 24 hours, the dimmer stops powering the bulb and it doesn’t even tell the hub it turned the power off (I use a Hubitat hub). The hub thinks it is still on. But if I try to turn on the Philips Hue light bulb, it does not respond because it has no power. If I try to use the Inovelli switch to turn the light on, that also fails. The only way to get it working again is to turn the switch off and then back on from the Hub. Then everything works fine, until the switch decides to stop supplying power to the bulb again (this always happens within about 24 hours or so). I have the auto-off time parameter set to zero. I also have the neutral wire connected.
I have not installed the other three switches, because I want to use them in much the same way and I doubt they will work any better than the first one.
I am using scenes just fine. I have three set up (two scenes open or close my barn door, and one sets the house up for bedtime by turning lights off, locking any unlocked doors, etc). The scenes work fine even when the switch is not supplying power to the Philips Hue bulb.
The craftsmanship of the switches look great, and the packaging is premium. I really like how the wires connect - well-thought out - makes it very easy to wire. And including the wall plate was a nice surprise! I think I would finish automating my house with these switches (and even convert some older z-wave switches) if they would work as advertised. Hoping this gets ironed out soon.

So this isn’t just limited to the on/off but the dimmer as well ?

Ok I am going to install the on/off switch tomorrow and start debugging this. But I am suspecting this could be a firmware issue after scanning the forum quickly. I should have a answer within the next few days.

I’ll work on the dimmer issue as soon as I am done with the on/off switch.

Can you guys tell me what hub you are using and if you are using Hubitat whether you are using the stock drivers from us or the Hubitat versions.


I am using the Inovelli driver with the Hubitat hub This was installed before the Hubitat driver was available. I heard from the Hubitat community that the Hubitat driver does not provide full functionality, so I don’t plan to change drivers.

  • Inovelli Dimmer Red Series LZW31-SN
  • Author: Eric Maycock (erocm123)
  • Date: 2019-12-03


Switch Level Child Device

  • Copyright 2018 Eric Maycock

Let me know if you want any additional info.