LZW31 - slow response time

Hello everyone,
this is my first post here.

I bought some Inovelli Dimmers and some On/Off Red Series. Any idea why my Inovelli Red Dimmers are bit sluggish, there is a 1 or 2 sec delay while Inovelli Red On/Off are instant. They are not that far from my Aeotec controller, i dont think distance is the issue
I have a Zooz Dimmer and Inovelli Dimmer in same box (outlet), Zoom is instant as well. I also noticed that RTT time is much higher on Inovelli Red Series then compared to Zooz.
I used this guide to setup it up, LZW30 showed up right away without modifyign anything

Do you have any idea why i would have slower response time and sluggish experience on Inovelli?

Zooz switches are reporting RTT of ~50’s, and Inovelli ~250. They are literally next to each other.

They do work & i was able to create a scene for Good Night and Good morning, double tap to turn off/on other switches/lights/rooms. No issues there

thank you!

There is a 700 ms delay built in because the switch can be used as a scene controller, so it needs to wait until it figures out if you’re pressing to control the connected light or activating a scene.

If you are not using the dimmer as a scene controller, you can turn that delay off. “Disable Physical On/Off Delay”.

Thank you. I noticed over the time that became much faster & more responsive.

I have a silly question: can you give me an example of scene controller? i read specsheet but its not clear. I am afraid if i disable scene controller i will disable double /tripple click features as well.

Or if you could point me to the documentation with details i would greatly appreciate it

Yes, double, tripple tap etc are scene control, and disabling the delay will inactivate all but the small config button for scene control. If you adjust your ramp and/or dim rates down, it may not be as noticable. The default rate of 3 seems really long to me. I use 1 on most of my lights.

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You can also adjust the “ramp rate” setting to 0 to speed up the on time.

thanks, i’ll check that setting out.

It is also worth making sure your “Minimum Level” is set to an appropriate value. If your lights dont actually turn on until the dimmer hits 20% but the Minimum Level is set to 0, then there will be a perceived delay where the switch is ramping up the voltage but it hasnt gotten high enough for the bulb to output any light yet.

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Is there an option to change the 700ms delay? I’m guessing the point is that it needs to wait long enough to give you the opportunity to hit the second or third press. For me, 350ms would be more than enough, and would probably be the difference between a noticeable and unnoticeable delay.

For firmware 1.47+, you can turn it off in the settings. Consideration is being given to it being variable. If you look around, there are other discussions regarding this.