LZW31-SN HassIO and GUI Zwave Integration

Does anyone have the new switches working with Home Assistant with the HassIO install and using the included Zwave Integration.

Instruction I have found seem to require downloading and changing files in open_zwave folder manufacturer_specific.xml, which I can not find. Perhaps because I have the basic HassIO install
or managing your zwave configuration via the configuration.yaml which I no longer do as I have everything setup and configured via the Zwave Integration.

Am I missing something with these instructions?

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Try this guide, credit to this comment.

Remember you need to shut down your HA instance first (though you may just need to shut down your z-wave network).

If by “basic HassIO” you mean advanced features turned off, you won’t be able to get the switches working without editing your config manually until HA updates OZW, which could be quite away.