LZW31-SN Hubitat Dim by Mode

For the life of me I can’t seem to get my dimmers to turn on to a specific dim level based on Hubitat Mode functions. ie night mode 15% bright, day mode 95% bright.

All switches are playing nice with the hub and I can dim and turn on/off locally just can’t seem to get the “smart” auto brightness to play nice. Help Please…

I don’t think this is currently supported in the Hubitat driver. If it is supported I haven’t managed to figure it out either at this time.

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Can you use rule machine to set it?

Yes, to a degree. There are two activation methods to deal with - local and zwave.

You can handle the zwave level easily using the apps such as motion lighting or rule machine.

Local on the other hand is more difficult to manage and has three possible options:

  • Use rule machine to adjust the level when turned on based on desired criteria such as mode. The light would come on at the previous level first, and then be dimmed accordingly. Nothing like 100% brightness at 2am when trying to use the restroom
  • Use rule machine to adjust the level based on mode, instead of waiting for it to be turned on. This would set the dimmer to the desired level for when it’s next turned on. However, this will cause the light to be turned on. You can immediately turn it off, but this could cause confusion as lights would be randomly turning on/off.
  • You can change the default level local preference on the dimmer. The switch will always default to this level when being turned on with the switch. It would avoid both of the problems above, but still isn’t the cleanest solution. You still lack the ability to change the default level based on the mode.

The ideal solution at least in my mind would be to expose the default level local preference as a custom command. A great example of this would be @BertABCD1234’s custom driver here: Hubitat notification LED The default and notification led values are exposed with his driver.

I’d be happy to help test the functionality if he was willing to code it, which is beyond my ability.

Thanks for the responses. After more digging I found a post by Eric on the Hubitat forum saying this can be done with some blend of voodoo and virtual child switches. Though I have no idea how to do what he’s describing in this post. Screenshot below

Wanted to thank you for this thread I found it had the information I needed to set up my first LZW31-SN. I did make a small alteration to the logic. I set the dimmer level to 40% as the default. Then I created a Rule Machine entry to adjust the brightness up based on the mode (Day and Evening) Did not need one for Night as that is the default. This addresses the issue of the light coming on too bright in the middle of the night but still lest me control the brightness for other time. Hope this helps others.