LZW36 constantly disconnects

EH Edit: Hijacking this thread to post that I’ve started a feedback thread so we can try to narrow down this issue. If you have a spare 5-10 min, would you mind filling it out and answering the questions? Thanks!



I’ve been using the LZW36 for a while now and went through multiple issues such as the physical delay, light flicker, and now I am facing random disconnects. I am on the latest beta 1.36 that was swapped out for me and also using the new canopy module with the new firmware around Oct 2020. I havent had any issues until around the last three months where the fan/light is no longer responding every now and there(smartthings OR physical buttons). As time progressed, it is getting more frequent, and sometimes takes 10-15mins to repair by itself. With Summer coming by right now, it just makes it worst and extremely annoying. I didn’t see any firmware updates, and I saw another post where others had all the power management settings set to 0, but that didnt seem to help.

I also have a mesh router (eero 6) between the canopy and the switch, but that has been there for a while. I disconnected the router, but I was still experiencing disconnects.

Any suggestions?

Agreed. I have 3 and 1 is just not working right more than 50% of the time. I am on HA and ZwaveJS with firmware 1.36. I posted elsewhere about success flashing back to 1.31 on another, but it was working fine up until a month ish ago. Have been too lazy to look at logs.

Switch unit is working 100%, it’s the canopy that isn’t receiving the message.

Seeing the same here. Have 3 of these and 1 of them is just constantly disconnecting. Usually takes 30-60mins to reconnect itself. Waiting for a replacement unit. It’s normally not the end of the world when it happens until we’re getting into bed and the bedroom light won’t turn off for an hour.

I am having the same issue. Installed 2 ~ LZW36 switches side by side, for 2 separate new light/fans in Great Room with cathedral ceiling, about 3 months ago. ONE has worked fine without issue since the install. The other, worked at first, then stopped responding, the switch would intermittently respond, but not the lights or fan. Inovelli sent a replacement, so I swapped the switch (didnt swap module, not easy to access at high ceiling) and it setup and worked fine for a week or two, then continued to intermitantly lose connection from light and fan again. Switch is working, but the fan and light wont respond majority of the time, and every few days will pop on and work for a day then lose connection again. The other switch has not had any issues. VERY VERY frustrating and Im wondering if anybody has any suggestions or input?

My best bet is the following:

  1. Downgrade to 1.31 (yes, I’ve had better luck there).
  2. Reset canopy module connection at switch (D + E for 20s).
  3. Pull Air Gap, leave out
  4. Switch Breaker off/ 30sec/on
  5. Wait for canopy to start pulsing
  6. Close Air Gap
  7. Initiate Canopy Pair (D+Ex3)

When I did that, it kind of “reset” the brains of the connection and has been reliably connected for a few weeks now.

Please ensure you list hub/software so Inovelli can troubleshoot!

I definitely had better connectivity in a previous firmware. However, that in itself is a problem. The 700MS delay was a killer because others will just constantly press the button thinking it didnt respond. On top of that, there were constant light flickering issues.

At this point I will try to work with support to swap out the fan module and see if that helps.

Thanks -

This is canopy, not firmware, just so you are aware. Sounds like you are on the right path.

Just wanted to let everyone know we’ve officially opened up a case with the manufacturer to deal with this. We are getting more and more people writing in every day about connection issues. No clue what it could be related to since it’s happening on firwmare 1.34 and 1.36 and with updated canopy modules.

It also seems like most people have had them working for months and then they suddenly stop working. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s summer now and the fans are being used more or what. So far no one internally who uses them (in Michigan or Utah) has had any disconnection issues.

We are going to get some of the units back and send them to the manufacturer, but at this point we’re not 100% sure on handing out replacements since the issue is also happening with the replacement units as well. We might just ask people to hold onto them for a month or so while we figure it out, or they can return for a refund. Will update further and likely create a new thread once we have some info from China.


Courtney, I can confirm that my use case does not change based on temperatures, it is modified/changed/turned on/off consistently and repeatably based on schedules. There was (no question) a massive step down in reliability, from 99% to less than 50%. I have recently re-connected the canopy from scratch and backed up the firmware to 1.31 and it seems to be ~resolved, but I’m definitely following here.

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Thanks for letting me know! I don’t think it has to do with temperature or usage either, we’ve just been seeing it pop up 10x more in the past 2 months, as the weather has gotten warmer but don’t think they’re related.

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I consistently use the switch for my room as I am constantly there due to work from home, a new-born who sleeps, changes and etc in that room (try changing diapers in the dark and the switch doesnt turn on via automation or physical switch…:frowning: ) I can say for certainty that it was reliable at first and through time the performance just degraded. Not related to temperature either as it is has been rather cool and consistent here (60-70)

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I appreciate the feedback, Im going to give this a shot. Any help on how to downgrade the firmware? Im running HUBITAT ELEVATION.

All, I’ve created a thread here that I’d love to get some feedback on so we can narrow this down. Would you mind answering the questions when you get a chance?

EDIT: Shot in the dark as I’m reading through these – @mrjreilly, @chunkychunkz, @MRobi if you all turn off power monitoring, does that help? It doesn’t seem like this would be the root cause as this seems like it’s popping up out of nowhere, but I know this was one of the hypotheses originally, so figured I’d just see.

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I turned off power monitoring and it did not help at all.

Dang, ok. Thanks for reporting back.

Having the same issue with the LWI36 installed in the bedroom. It has gotten progressively worse over the last four months to the point where the only way to turn off the fan or lights is to cut power with the breaker. I did a firm ware update several months ago and it seemed to work better for a bit then got worse. Out of the four the I installed last fall this is the worst one. The one installed in the dinning room has the flicker issue and occasionally will not respond but will if the button is pressed enough.

Details should be posted in the Disconnection Issue thread. Inovelli is collecting certain metrics to pass on to the manufacturer.