LZW36 constantly disconnects


I’ve been using the LZW36 for a while now and went through multiple issues such as the physical delay, light flicker, and now I am facing random disconnects. I am on the latest beta 1.36 that was swapped out for me and also using the new canopy module with the new firmware around Oct 2020. I havent had any issues until around the last three months where the fan/light is no longer responding every now and there(smartthings OR physical buttons). As time progressed, it is getting more frequent, and sometimes takes 10-15mins to repair by itself. With Summer coming by right now, it just makes it worst and extremely annoying. I didn’t see any firmware updates, and I saw another post where others had all the power management settings set to 0, but that didnt seem to help.

I also have a mesh router (eero 6) between the canopy and the switch, but that has been there for a while. I disconnected the router, but I was still experiencing disconnects.

Any suggestions?

Agreed. I have 3 and 1 is just not working right more than 50% of the time. I am on HA and ZwaveJS with firmware 1.36. I posted elsewhere about success flashing back to 1.31 on another, but it was working fine up until a month ish ago. Have been too lazy to look at logs.

Switch unit is working 100%, it’s the canopy that isn’t receiving the message.

Seeing the same here. Have 3 of these and 1 of them is just constantly disconnecting. Usually takes 30-60mins to reconnect itself. Waiting for a replacement unit. It’s normally not the end of the world when it happens until we’re getting into bed and the bedroom light won’t turn off for an hour.