LZW36 just not responding to HE

So I am not sure what is going on here. I have a few LZW36 that just seems not to respond to my hub

    [dev:1281]( 10:07:40.848 pm [info]( node E4 from group 1

    [dev:1281]( 10:07:40.845 pm [info]( node 9D from group 1

    [dev:1281]( 10:07:40.818 pm [info]( node 33 from group 1

    [dev:1281]( 10:07:40.816 pm [info]( node D346 to group 1

    [dev:1281]( 10:07:40.814 pm [info]( node E9E4 to group 1

    [dev:1281]( 10:07:40.813 pm [info]( node EA9D to group 1

    [dev:1281]( 10:07:40.811 pm [info]( node 6C33 to group 1

    [dev:1281]( 10:07:40.691 pm [info]( Fan/Light: updated()

    [dev:1281]( 10:05:52.816 pm [error]( null (parse)

    [dev:1281]( 10:05:52.759 pm [error]( null (parse)

    [dev:1281]( 10:05:52.756 pm [error]( null (parse)

I am getting these errors… but here is what made me find out what the problem is.

I turned off Local control to the Light switch, and I was trying to create a rule that would turn on some bulbs. but they almost would never turn on or off. then I found that my hub never saw that it was hit

no matter what button i hit, it still shows Tap (down) even if I hit the top button, bottom button or any of the dimming buttons. it does not change… but when it does, just once, and then never again.

But when I control the lights or the fan from the hub dashboard, the fan changes and everything seems to work well.

Frustrated .
Ideas? I have the newest firmware and have airgapped it too… I am going to try to pull the fuse next, edit: pulled the fuse… no go… Ran so many Z-wave repairs too… no luck. ughh.

please help.

just keep getting these weird errors. Trying a Zwave repair and it seems to be hanging also. I am going to pull the airgap , run a repair and see if this is causing the issue. if it is, not sure what to do…

dev:12812020-09-03 11:20:52.382 pm debugCouldn’t zwave.parse ‘zw device: 24, command: 2207, payload: 00 09 0E 00 01 88 00 00 , isMulticast: false’

[dev:1281]( 11:20:51.082 pm [debug]('t zwave.parse 'zw device: 24, command: 2207, payload: 10 34 00 00 01 88 00 00 , isMulticast: false'

Did these switches ever work?, or did you just install them?
Which version of the Hubitat firmware are you running?

I have four switches oh, they’ve been installed for about a month now. The bedroom switch start giving me problems just today.
As far as firmware, I have the most recent installed.
Also a side note, I installed an old copy of the driver from a week ago. It seemed to help just a slight bit but still is very problematic.

What version of firmware are you running? If you reset via the airgap does it start working?

The original firmware had a bug where the module would disconnect from the switch. As a result no commands are sent to the switch, and no lights turn on/off and fan speed doesn’t change.

Firmware 1.36 fixed this issue.

edit: oops missed you said you had the most recent firmware installed.
Does the air gap reset fix things? what about flipping the breaker off and on to reboot the module? You could also try repairing the module by pressing and holding the fan dimmer while pressing the fan button three times.

? Did you upgrade to .142? (or what ever version just came out the other day)

I did the air gap, and breaker. Didn’t try the reset yet… I’ll try that

so just an FYI, I am on the latest firmware 1.36 and on the most recent version of HE platform. I have a C5, I have 4 of these switches, this one seems to be not working.

I did a reset and no go. perhaps tonight i will re-install the firmware. but I am pretty sure that the switch is just bad.

Only one of them is not working?

You could be correct about the failed switch…

And did it stop working around the same time as the last Hubitat firmware came out?

That I can not tell you, but since there are 3 others in my house, and this one is the only one running slow, I just have to assume its the switch and not the hub.

I sent an email to support, have not heard back yet, but it’s the holiday.

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Do you have another module you haven’t installed yet? You could try swapping it out and see if that works.

Yeah, it sounds like it may be defective. We had several support inquires come in over the holiday so they might be a little backed up. If you don’t hear back soon you can PM me the ticket number and I’ll check it out.

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