Lzw36 regularly disconnects from receiver

So this started happening regularly about 2 months ago and the WAF is getting super low, which sucks because until then I was extremely happy with this product and looking to add in the kids bedrooms.

Ok. So issue is the switch regularly disconnects from the receiver. I have to pull the air gap and usually it will reconnect. Problem with that is that sometimes the lights will come on when I do that. If I come to bed and wife is already asleep I just have to sleep without a fan and listen to wife the next day grumbling about the stupid switch an how she never had a problem with the light or fan working with the dumb switch and pullstring.

So anyone else experiencing this and if so have you been able to fix it?

Using ST Hub and it communicates fine with it. Levels change and turn off and on according to the LEDs. But as far as fixture, there’s no one home…

Thanks, Steven

  • Date switch was purchased “08/20/2020”
  • Approximate distance from switch to fan canopy "12’ "
  • Approximate internal temperature (in house) and external temperature (outside) "76 inside 84 outside "
  • What is your hub/gateway (ie: SmartThings, Hubitat, etc)? " ST "
  • What firmware version are you on (if you don’t know, leave blank, but it’s helpful)? “1.31”
  • Have you made any parameter changes? " minimum fan level 2 to prevent breeze function accidentally being turned on"
  • Approximate wattage of your bulbs “38 watts”
  • Does the disconnection happen when using the fan, the light or both? " both"
  • Do you notice any patterns (ie: time of day, time since last disconnection, etc)? " notice at night when going to bed, but not sure when it happens because I’m not usually in my bedroom until bedtime. "

@Steven_Pierce You should post your issue in the thread @Laecaon posted so that they are all in one place. Should Inovelli need to reach out to everyone with an issue, they’ll likely refer to that thread.

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Thanks Steven!

We are still working on this issue as our manufacturer claims they have not been able to replicate it on their end (and we do know sometimes this can take months to occur). Once we have a resolution we will be sure to let everyone know. If it becomes too troublesome in the meantime you can return for a refund!