LZW36 Slow response on physical button press, yess all relevant parameters are zeroed

Yea, I saw that a whole bunch of people had that exact same issue. It seems this is just too flaky to trust. I get Windows and my Mac computers and iPhones to update, my LG TV does firmware updates. I basically get get a message it wants to do the update and it does it. Having to depend on this tool seems scary.

What happens if I pull the air gap? Will I have to reset up the device from scratch?

Are you on the C7 Hub? I’d go this route instead if so (just seems simpler in my mind) - Device Firmware Updater - Hubitat Documentation

If you pull the air gap and go down the exclude/reinclude path, then yes you’d need to remove and readd the switch to the hub to the best of my knowledge. Downside there is obviously any dashboards or automations set up involving the device will need updated too. But if there’s something there that is causing the hang up, that may be your best option. (I guess as a side note, are you using S2 auth?)

I am on a C7. I accepted security as is, so S2 for everything except those that I expected to work with a smart bulb, and those I picked no security.

So the advice is to use Hubitat’s Firmware Updater instead. I’ll look into that now. I had originally started down that path, but thought Inovelli was recommending this one.

Gotcha, I saw where that thread referenced updates taking longer if you’re using any form of security so that could factor into timing also.

And that’s my personal suggestion if you’re able to. I don’t know that it will change anything as far as next steps with airgapping the switch and doing the exclude/reinclude, but it’s generally more convenient since you don’t have to mess with changing the driver back and forth also and you’re pushing the code from the hub vs pulling it down per device.

The purpose of the air gap is to remove Line power from the device (switch, not canopy). You will not have to reset or include again. It’s basically the same thing as opening the circuit breaker in the panel or losing grid power; just closer.

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I am using a C7 hub firmware version For my Inovelli Fan/Lights LZW36’s I currently have firmware 1.34. I decided to try Hubitat’s built in Firmware Updater. Things did not go any better.

I went to the below URL to follow Hubitat’s instructions:

First I made sure it would support the GBL file I downloaded:

Here is the link to where I got the file to use for the LZW36 (Fan/Light):

That auto-downloaded it to my Downloads. I left the file there but also copied it to my Inovelli\Firmware\LZW36 folder. Then I chose the copied file and uploaded it successfully:

I then clicked the Update Z-Wave Firmware button in their step 5. When I did I got this error message:

This is what was in the Logs:

I have no idea what the getWeatherData() would have to do with the Device Firmware Updater. I’m not sure what to do about that.

Since the Update Z-Wave Firmware button should have taken me to the screen where I pick the device and version to update (Step 6) it was device independent at that point, and pulling the airgap, resetting the device, etc. would have no effect on this initiaal step. So I have no idea why I keep getting the error message.

BTW, I deleted the file then went back and did everything again starting with the file upload, but from my Downloads folder, and I got the exact same error message.

Any idea on why I’m getting this error message and what to do about it?

BTW, I’ll post this over on Hubitat’s community board too.


I removed the Weather Dot Gov app but I’m still getting this error:

However, when I go into the logs I don’t see anything marked as an error, so now I’m totally confused what is causing this or how to fix it.

There are 2 versions of the firmware updater, one allows .gbl files, the other does not (one is binary and the other isn’t).

Recommend “bcopeland” search so you can work it out. One version will only allow .otz files and verifies a valid firmware. The other is at your discretion but allows any file type.

I am not on Hubitat so can’t tell you how/which one to use.

Proceed with caution.

I finally got the firmware to update by removing the device, re-including it with no security and then using the Z-Wave Device Updater, which I believe was written by @bcopeland.

One word of warning/advice though: at the very end it says it is flashing the device which never goes away. I waited over 20 minutes for that to go away before doing a post about it and was then told that was the case. I wish they update the instructions to let people know that.

I’m just going to say that while security is great on the mind, it really just causes complications and issues on the back end. I have zero security in my system besides locks/doors and it works pretty damn well. Most of that was based on my requirement to pair with ilumin bulbs, but honestly if I was starting over I would do it the same way again.

Couldn’t agree more. I had so many issues with the C7 hub and the ilumin bulbs. I’m guessing there’s an S0 problem or something with the C7 bc once I flashed the alternate firmware on the bulbs and included them non-secure, the C7 has been night and day. I went back and paired most of my switches as non-secure too and things are lightning fast. Just as I remembered the C5 to be. Very happy with it now!

Oh, alternate firmware you say? I’d set these on the backburner and figured I’d have to go the sengled/hue route since I read about C7 issues and Hubitat lists them as not supported on C7.

We got you :slight_smile:

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New/known problem - “ETA In-stock Date: 08/10/2021”

I’ll be anxiously waiting :slight_smile:

Me too! Hopefully we can get them in sooner. There seems to be quite the demand!

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