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LZW36 Slow response on physical button press, yess all relevant parameters are zeroed

Just installed the LZW36.
Disappointed with the response time on a physical button press to turn on the light. About a 1 second delay which is unacceptable.
Ramp and dimmer times all zeroed and confirmed, the default dim rate or ramp configuration is silly BTW.
It turns on instantly if I command it from Home Assistant, as in before my mouse button unclicks the light is on, this is nice. So I know it’s capable, can we get the physical button to work the same way?
Will there be a FW update to resolve this?

I’d sure hope so with the positive reaction they have seen with the switches/dimmers via firmware update!

Dang, one day we’ll get our act together, I suppose! Kidding, I just get salty bc we pour our heart into these products and it strikes a nerve sometimes. I’ll get over it lol.

We’ll definitely look into this. As with the dimmers and on/offs, there is a slight delay built in to accommodate for the scenes, but as we worked with you guys to provide an alternate version, we can look to optimize this one as well. Luckily this time we have more room to work with as the 700 series has more memory.

As for a timeline, we want to make sure we get all feedback in from a firmware side before making an official version as it actually costs us minimum $2k from the Z-Wave Alliance each time we update the firmware.

We can certainly put out a beta version though. I’ll check with @EricM_Inovelli to see if he can rally the engineer to work on this.

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Perpetual beta would be fine for me. If this gets resolved I’ll purchase a second one for another room.
If this helps for prioritizing your product requirements:

As a user, I expect smart switches to behave like a normal switch when physically actuated, this would include perceived response time.

There are probably technical reasons this can’t be identical, that is fine, its just perception we’re dealing with but 1s is well out of range of being imperceptible. I like to use the “by the time I lift my finger off the button” metric as a target for acceptable response. Sampling the time for leading and trailing edge for typical button presses from users should provide some sense of an acceptable time target.

Got it, thanks!

By definition it literally can’t, because it has to wait until the button is RELEASED then start a timer to see if the button is pressed again for scene control (multi-tap control), which is one of the largest featuresets touted with this product and is widely used by myself and others. IF they were to control based on the pressed action (not released) to mimic a dumb switch then there would be zero capability for scene control.

They have worked around this in firmware updates on the dimmers/switches by eliminating scene control (except for button 1 (push/held) and button 7 (config) along with 6 and 8 (hold up/hold down). On the switches/dimmers, they give the user the option to eliminate the waiting period (700ms or so) but forego the scene controls. I believe they can/should do the same here.

Next level of control would be the delay allowed (in ms) to allow both a response time that is good and full scene control. Think of this like double click speed in windows with the bar.

Hopefully my explanation makes sense that unless you cut this product at the knees for smarthome control, you won’t get your desired result with this product.


Just to add to @kreene1987’s response …

When you use the software to control the output, you skip all the local processing that has to decide which “virtual button” within the physical switch you intended to activate, hence it can process the command instantly.

So, for example … you decide to program a double tap of the button to turn on the lights in your kitchen, and triple tap to turn on your porch lights (“scene control”). The switch can’t react to the single tap until it decides that’s what you actually want it to do which requires the delay. As it was stated, if Inovelli adds the ability to disable scene control in a future firmware update, your expectation could be realized … however, that goes against the design premise of the switch, and it makes sense that there was no call to include it in the initial product release.

Ok, that sounds like the revision that needs to be made and this has been done on their other products, so that’s good.

The constraints are all understandable, but they should be balanced against maintaining an acceptable (doesn’t need to be perfect) level of fundamental function, i.e. it’s a lightswitch first and foremost and 700ms is just too much. I’d be happy to have this as a user accessible parameter.

This is the only fan/light Zwave single gang switch option on the market that doesn’t look hideous (it basically looks like a Lutron) and is easily understandable to use by guests, that’s the primary reason I purchased it. The scene features are nice, but seem like feature bloat to me. I’d be happy if I could turn them off to get the benefit of response time.

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I think a “dumb switch” mode would be easy to do. Just disable multipress actions for people that want instant press and don’t use scenes. I love what these guys are doing with their switches and will continue to support them. I personally don’t use scenes much and would prefer a better response time myself.