LZW41 and Home Assistant

I just purchased an LZW41 bulb. In connecting it to Home Assistant it came up but as unknown with no entities or configuration options. Any idea how I get Home Assistant to actually use this device? Other than finding something, I can’t turn the light on and off or dim it or anything.

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I think @EricM_Inovelli may be able to help with this.

Home Assistant uses OpenZWave libraries. The Official Inovelli OpenZWave 1.6 config files live here: https://github.com/InovelliUSA/OpenZWave/tree/master/config/inovelli

However, it doesn’t look like a config file for this bulb has been released yet.

The catch to Home Assistant is it’s using an outdated version of OpenZwave. Once the official config is available someone should be able to backport the config files from version 1.6 to version 1.4 for HASS.

Users ldd has posted the required backporting info, it can be found here:

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Although it came in as an unknown node, it did create a light entity and I am able to control the bulb via Home Assistant. I had to change the “supported features” component of the entity to get access to the white level. See this post for details on how to do that: [HOME ASSISTANT LIGHT - SUPPORTED FEATURES](RGBW bulb in Home Assistant? Ask the Community RGBW bulb in Home Assistant?)

I’d recommend excluding and then re-including the bulb, I’ve seen something like that happen before when something goes sideways during the inclusion process.

I’m using the newest OZW config with HA, and the LZW41 bulbs are recognized however white temp adjustment is not working? I’ve tried supported_features values of both 161 and 163, and the adjustments show up, but changing doesn’t do anything. OZW logs don’t show any obvious errors either. Anyone have these bulbs working?

Side note, I have the LZW42 bulbs working with all features, so seems to be specific to LZW41 and not my zwave network.

Bump for this, still not able to adjust white value of the LZW42.

is this still not working? Also following the home assistant config guide the path is no longer valid. For started latest version of home assistant is using python3.8 but even inside that folder the site_packages folder is no longer there… Anyone know of a new path to where put the config?

There is no config as far as I can tell with openzwave 1.6, although I may be mistaken it seems that it’s all a shared and maintained database now.

I asked about compatibility in a separate thread and got no answer in the last four days. It’s basically unusable in home assistant, I’d love to be proven wrong.

Home Assistant 113 is still using OpenZwave 1.4. i just don’t know where config is located anymore. If you use the new beta addon which does indeed use the 1.6 version (but if you do use that then config file should already be included with it).

Indeed I’m on the beta with 1.6.

It did detect that it’s an inovelli bulb but no color options despite being rgbw and as far as I can tell it keeps resetting the dimming duration to 255 whenever I use home assistant so my lights take minutes to turn on.