LZW45 Light Strip - End Cap

I would like to order some additional light strip end caps; would you please send a form / link to where I can do this?

fwiw…hopefully not too much longer now.

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Hey @anthonyjamesreinking - we weren’t planning on selling these separately so let me see what Eric wants to do as far as pricing, etc and I will get back to you!



@Courtney_Inovelli @Eric_Inovelli Are there plans for the endcaps & right hand turns? I’d like to purchase both before getting another lzw45. Trying to contour my kitchen cabinets and right hand & left hand angles are required. Thanks!

Ah crap, didn’t see this thread.

Yes, we will sell the end-caps separately. I’ve got to figure out how much we were charged for them, but we’ll have them up on Monday at the latest.

As for the right angles, unfortunately there are no plans at this time. I do plan on following up with the manufacturer to see if they can source some for us but they’re out until the 18th.

@Brianna_Inovelli or @anon14959390 can you guys create another accessories page for the end-caps? I’ll PM you pricing.




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Whelp, that works. Thanks, It’s not too much force either.

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I had to flip over 3 left angles. Not too bad.


Add my vote to alternate configurations of adapters. Flipping them over is not ideal. I already broke a pin on an extension :disappointed: It would be great if you would also sell parts to allow for repair.