Memorial Day Sale 2020

Link for bulbs:

Hey all!

Unboxed bulbs are on sale for $9.97. These are Z-Wave Plus RGBW bulbs which can pair directly to our Red Series switches via Z-Wave Association for almost real-time dimming/on/off (I say almost, but it’s pretty dang quick).

These will be brand new bulbs that just do not come with a box or instructions. They are leftovers from our Holiday Kits just like our unboxed dimmer switches.

A few FAQ’s bc we love answering these questions /s:

  • Yes, there’s still shipping costs to Canada - we use USPS
  • No, there are no other offers right now
  • No, you cannot receive an old offer instead of this one lol
  • Yes, the bulbs are UL listed, Z-Wave and FCC/IC Certified
  • Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received – these are fulfilled out of HQ and if it’s anything like the May 4th sale, it will take us some time to fulfill them as it’s all done manually. They’ll likely be shipped starting on Wednesday, May 27th, 2020.

Deal is live now and will end either when we run out or when someone remembers to turn it off Tuesday morning haha (but likely 8am EST on Tuesday).

@alexs @Daweeze @bry @amdbuilder = sensors will be for Father’s Day! I moved our discussion over here from the sensor page to keep that page clean :slight_smile:


Hey @Eric_Inovelli & @Brianna_Inovelli…you guys want to post an amazing sale this week on the 4-in-1 sensors so I can buy 10 more? :wink: My test unit is working well using the @bcopeland driver. Also I will need 3 ceiling mounts in the future. Did I hear these may be a thing? If so, any progress on that front? Nice product…thanks!!!



@Courtney_Inovelli would murder us if we ran another sale. We are still fulfilling orders from the May the 4th sale! We sold 15x what we anticipated and have been working 8-8pm daily to get these out.

I’d like to live past 35 :slight_smile:

But… I’ll see what we can do for Memorial Day.


Haha that would be cool. That’s my 23rd Dating Anniversary and close to the end of the extra Quarantine time we have had at home as we return to work on-site (which will ensure I make it to 45!).

@Eric_Inovelli no sales until Memorial Day!!!


Two weeks away! Less than that if you count the weekend! :grinning:

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Sounds like it’s settled then - Memorial day sale on 4 in 1 sensors! I’ve got two sensors on my list to upgrade :smiley:

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@Courtney_Inovelli when you said “no sales until Memorial Day” you mean like literally Memorial Day, Monday 25th? :slight_smile:

@alexs well I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say – but I believe @Eric_Inovelli is making an announcement tonight about any Memorial Day sales!




fair enough, thanks for update!

She’s saying, “A bulb for you… and you… and you…” right? I think that’s what I lip-read.


@Eric_Inovelli I thought she was saying “you get a corvette”, “ you get a corvette”, and “you get a corvette”. I already have the white one so if you want to sponsor a Red, Green, and Blue one, then I can complete the RGBW corvette lineup.


I just want some light almond paddles so I can install what I have and buy more stuff. These sales are killing me as I look at my uninstalled holiday kit.

We’re trying – but it’s actually much harder than you think :frowning:

We are slated to produce these during our next production run which should be in the next 6 weeks. If we didn’t do it during our production run, we’d be looking at a minimum order quantity of 10k units. To give some perspective on that, we’ve sold probably 200 tops of Almond paddles over the past 6 months.

Luckily, they are letting us produce the Light Almond alongside our next production run so we can order a much smaller MOQ.

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Lol – your car is pretty BA… I remember when you shared your video, you made sure I saw it :wink:

Kidding, but it really is a sweet car. Love the new ones too! Maybe we will have an Inovelli red version – @Courtney_Inovelli – can you charge it to the, “Office Expense” bucket?

EDIT: IRS, this is a joke.


@Eric_Inovelli, Crap the sales are gonna get me divorced, my wifes reaction everytime I add to my already enormous hobby :woman_facepalming:


@Sky320 - Can you use the current Hubitat RGBW driver for your wife? That way it’ll be a delayed reaction when she finds out.

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OOOOHHH, That’s funny! :joy:

Set Parameter 5 to 0: Always Turn On (nahmeen?! hiyo!!)

@harjms after posting this sick burn lol

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