Migration of LZW36 (Fan + Light) from classic to new ST app

Hello, I had my LZW36 fully functioning using the ST classic app. All child devices were present and everything worked as it should.

I kept ignoring the message that the classic app was going away and that I needed to migrate, blah blah blah. Finally bit the bullet over the weekend and let ST migrate things over. No errors and so far all of my other devices seem to be fine except for my LZW36.

The 3 tiles are there but do not work as expected. First, the names did not come over. The main switch shows as a “dimmer switch” though I had renamed it in the classic app to “family room.” The 2 child devices did come over with the correct name. The 2 child device display “checking status” at all times. I can control on/off from these for the light and fan separately but it is extremely slow and still says checking status. There is no dimmer or fan speed control from within these either. The main switch turns both the fan and light on/off at the same time and the dimmer section here only seems to adjust the fan.

I just checked in IDE and I am using the device handler from 7/17 and it shows there that the main switch is still using this handler and the child devices are still present. Do I need to re-add/associate something for these to work again?

Yeah this has been quite the cluster with the migration… There are a couple things we can check here:

  1. Can you shoot me a PM with your IDE data: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-to-find-your-device-info-for-troubleshooting-smartthings (I just need the top part of the KB article)

  2. There’s a similar thread here around the outdoor 2-Channel device: Need help with NZW97 Two channel outdoor plug - the process should be the same as they’re both multi-channel devices

Keep me posted!

Thank you sir.

  1. PM sent
  2. I tried this quickly last night (at least what I read) in that I put it into exclusion mode, removed it then added it back. That all worked but everything is still the same.

I’m seeing the same thing (constantly “checking status” in the new app) with the virtual child devices for default level, notifications, etc… These child devices display fine in the old app; it’s the new one that is confused about getting status. I rubber if this is a behavior change that has something do with the new do new firmware Samsung will be pushing out starting Monday

EDIT: looks like there’s already a thread about this. I wonder what Samsung broke this time…