SmartThings New App & Red Series Child Devices

Hi All, I have Red Series Dimmer & Red Series On/Off with SmartThings. I’ve loaded the correct device handlers in SmartThings. The main device works but when I create the color notifications the child devices do not work. I’ve also loaded in the child device handler in smarthings but no luck. Which child device do I use?

FYI - I am not migrating from classic app. New setup with new app.


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Take a look at the troubleshooting section of this page:

If one device is secured, and the other isn’t, it won’t work. (I had this problem too)

2 things:

  1. The blue highlight means you are not current. Click on the magnifying glass and overwrite local version with the latest.

  2. Mine are just “Child Switch” handlers from the “Switch Child Device” Handler.

Hopefully that helps?

Edit: Knowledgebase article:

That has raw links if you aren’t linked to github.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I updated the device handler and deleted the child device notifications. Once I recreated them then it worked.


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