mmWave range and aperture?

I’ve been looking to see if the expected range and angle-of-view of the mmWave sensor in the Red switches is documented anywhere?
I can’t seem to find details, and I’m trying to determine if the switch will be viable for presence detection in a hallway (would require near 180 degree FoV to see people entering from the bedrooms) or across a large room. (Only switch facing the kitchen is on the far side.)

Any advice appreciated!

I think it’s still too early to know for certain, but this is the latest update I’ve seen about the mmwave specs.

I’d expect that 180 degree FoV is likely going to be out of reach for any solution offered currently. Even the Aqara FP2 as a standalone sensor only has an advertised 120 degree FoV. You have the upside of being able to locate that in an optimal location, but you also have to keep it powered which could be a limiting factor.

If presence detection is very important to you, you’ll likely want to use a combination of sensors and automations to cover potential blind spots.

Ah excellent! 150 degrees is quite good actually, depending on the range.

I’ve looked at some of the other mmWave sensors on the market, and FoV/range are all over the place, and 150 degrees is definitely on the better end of the spectrum though, so that’s exciting!