Multiple notifications

Does anyone know how the red dimmers handle multiple notifications. My use case is i want the switch LED to pulse red if the washer is running and pulse green of the dryer is running. I’ll change it from pulsing to another type once they are done. If i specify that the notifications are indefinite, and there are two active notifications, how does the dimmer handle it? Will it show one notifications for a few seconds, and then the other, and then back to the first? Any clarification on this would be helpful.

I think I understand what you are asking and if not feel free to correct me. The dimmer does not “stack” notifications. You would need to track what notification should be displayed on the hub itself, the dimmer will only display whatever the last notification it was told about from the hub for whatever interval the switch is set to display them. All previous notifications are forgotten by the switch, the current state, or notification, is the only one the switch will display and know about. If that notification has a time interval, once the time is up the switch will display blue bar associated with the dim level of the “light” afterwards.

If you search for notifications here you’ll find a number of discussions. Basically one trumps the last. There are ways to code around this with webCore, for example.

Thanks. I’m looking for the ability to activate multiple notifications at once, like the HomeSeer device, I have this dimmer in some locations, and it does allow for the activation of multiple notifications on each individual led. Looks like this isn’t as straight forward with the red dimmer. Thanks everyone.

AFAIK the LEDs in the notification bar are not individually addressable. So at this point it’s not possible unfortunately.