Notification Light Persistence

Having some issues with notifications not staying persistent and wondering if anyone can help.

Just to make it easier to understand, I have notification lights on my dimmers for the following:
Red = Leak Sensors
Green = Front Door Open
Orange = Garage Door(s) Open
Purple = Dehumidifier On

Steps to reproduce:
I turn on my dehumidifier so the purple notification comes on, then if a door is opened downstairs it changes to a green notification light till the door is closed. After the door is closed the dehumidifier notification doesn’t come back on, it just shows default blue.

I’ve waited a few minutes to see if there was a timer running in the device handlers to see if it would recheck which devices were active, but it doesn’t appear there is anything like that.

I see an attribute in the handlers for childRefresh, but I’m not sure what I’m looking for.

If the notification lights are on and I use the light switch it does revert back to the proper notification light. I’ve seen other posts about that issue, so at least that is working well.

Red Series LZW31-SN (v1.37.otz / v1.38 bin on the switches)

Device Handlers:
[InovelliUSA : Inovelli Dimmer Red Series LZW31-SN] (Date: 2020-11-13)
[InovelliUSA : RGBW Child Device] (Date: 2020-07-09)
[InovelliUSA : Switch Level Child Device] (2020 Version)

So if I understand correctly, you are speaking about if there are multiple notifications, when one resolves the switch does not go back to displaying the former. Unfortunately as of now, that is the expected behavior.

One interim suggestion is to use webCore to define a “cue” of notifications which allows for reverting to a previous notification once the current one clears. Take a look in the thread below for some sample code.

Additionally, last September @n_adam advised a friend had devised a driver (not sure which platform) to address this issue. He was going to send the code to @Eric_Inovelli but that was the last I’ve seen on the topic.

The driver conversation is at the end of this thread. The webCore is somewhere in the middle.

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Thanks for the help. I’ll look into this.