New ZigBee Binding Tool for Hubitat

After following the ZigBee binding guide for Hubitat, I thought there must be an easier way to setup 3-way, 4-way, and switch <> bulb bindings in Hubitat. After going down the rabbit hole looking into group binding, I learned that multiple individual binds is the only way Hubitat supports currently.

Using the existing Hubitat app for inspiration (shout out adamkempenich), I wrote a new Hubitat app to try and make things a bit easier. I wasn’t originally planning to release it, but figured it was helpful enough that others would appreciate it. Source code is on GitHub: hubitat/apps/zigbee-binding at main · salscode/hubitat · GitHub


  • Bindings are grouped in the app list under the ZigBee Binding Tool parent app.
  • Binding 3-way/4-way/multi-way is done by creating one bind in the app, it handles the multiple bindings between the switches for you.
  • Binding a switch to multiple slave devices (such as bulbs) can be done by creating one bind in the app, it handles creating the binds to each bulb for you.

How the grouping looks on the app page:

For multi-way switch configurations, simply select all the switches under “Bind these devices to each other” and it will create all of the binds needed (in this 4-way example, it creates 6 binds to connect the 3 switches to each other in each direction).

Alternatively, if you want to control bulb(s), simply specify the switch in the first drop down and the bulbs in the second drop down (as well as the switch’s source endpoint and the bulb’s slave endpoint). In this example, binds are created from the switch to each of the 4 light strips (4 binds total).

I’ve been using this setup for about a month without any issue, hopefully you all find it helpful. The readme in GitHub also explains the functionality.


Just installed, working flawlessly for my binding of two blue switches in a 3 way. Thanks for this!

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I’ll give this a shot - thank you very much! Would you ever consider adding it to Hubitat Package Manager? No biggie if not - thanks again!

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I made the files for it to work with the Habitat Package Manager and put them in the repo, but never tried it. I’ll have to test it out.


Just loaded it up - works like a boss - thank you again!


@Eric_Inovelli Bringing this tool to your attention, in case you didn’t already see this. I found it much simpler/more intuitive than the previous community tool.

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Awesome, thanks @salscode for your hard work! Let me test it out and I can update the instructions with your tool if you don’t mind?

Is there a way to do Group Binding?

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I couldn’t find a way to do real group binding, this app fakes it by creating multiple individual binds between the devices you specify.

“I can update the instructions with your tool if you don’t mind”
Feel free to include it if you like. :grinning: