Newbie trying to configure RED dimmer mutli tab functions

totally new to home automation, recently brought red dimmer switch installed it in hubitat, I cannot access or find the multi tab options (for programming scene etc), I installed parent and child handlers still no luck
here are some screen shots.

how I get here to this screen

@Somu -Welcome! It will help what you’re looking to do. E.g. double tap up 2x to turn on x y z,etc. I use rule machine to configure my taps. There’s also another way on here that I’ll try to find and link.

Hello, I want to multi tap (3 x) on one of the switch to turn off three other lights, (which are different dimmer switches), simple basic good night scene

@Somu - One thing I noticed too is you mention you have the RED series (which is LZW31-SN), but the driver you have selected is the Black Series driver. You’ll need to make sure you’ve installed the correct Hubitat RED series driver IF you really have the RED series switch.
Direct link to LZW31-SN driver:

Check out this to see how to setup Rule Machine for some scenes:

thank you I will install new driver.

@Somu - Here is what it should say:

I’m trying to create simple good night rule, push button turn off lights , but no luck.

@Somu - Did you get the right driver selected and “Save Device” afterwards?


@Somu - Perfect. Now go to select Apps on the left hand side. Click on the Rule Machine App.

yes I’m there
rule machine
create new rule
new rule name

select trigger event
button devise
select buttob device (one of the swtich)

After entering your rule name, it should move forward. Select Trigger Events. Under type of trigger, select button. It will load up a new screen. Select “Button Device” This will be the switch you’re trying to double tap or control the scene. button number will be how many taps you want. 2 for double tap, 3 for triple tap etc… Pushed = Up, Held = Down. So if you want double tap down, input 2 held. Select “Done with Trigger Event”.

I did exactly

Next Select Actions. For the first drop down, select Control Switches, Push Buttons. The next drop down will be Turn Switches Off. the menu below you’ll select all the switches you want to turn off (including the switch you’re tapping from if wanted). Select Done with this Action. Select Done iwth this action again to finish. On the main menu, you can enable logging for events or triggers (for future troubleshooting). Select “Done” to save the rule.

@Somu - Ahh I see. So under Trigger you selected button device. I use just the “Button” selection. Go back and remove the trigger (select trigger, delete trigger and select the one there). Then go add a new one, but only select “Button”. Not to say button device is wrong. I just don’t use that menu.

just to confirm Push means press the top button correct?

Correct. Push is Up.

anything I need edit in device list panel?

Here’s an example of my bathroom lights off rule. I just double tap down (held) and it turns off all the lights/fans listed.