Order shipment status updates

I did try to search the vast forum but couldn’t find a single place to check on pre-order shipment status. I was told months ago that mid-December was going to be my delivery, and so far Dec 13th, haven’t heard a peep from Inovelli.

@Eric_Inovelli can you please provide an update?

@Eric_Inovelli any info would be really appreciated.

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I believe based on this post that Inovelli should be getting the switches this week or next at latest, and then they’ll be shipping them out themselves this go around. My personal guess would be end of December/beginning of January given holiday season seems to always delay shipments just due to amount of packages being mailed, etc.

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Thanks Chack, although I tried to follow that post too, I am afraid it speaks solely about the first defective batch, and hence I wanted to see if there could be a separate, more direct update simply for people that have gotten nothing until now. In my case I did not purchase of the first pre-order batch (which in retrospective might have been a good thing) but now I am stuck in limbo regarding any info. For instance, will all those replacements Inovelli has to send out carnivalize the available stock to fulfill the second batch of orders?

@Eric_Inovelli @Courtney_Inovelli looking for your feedback here

No. The replacement switches are separate from the 2nd batch of orders.

@diegomorales17 - sorry, I have been out of the office moving houses so I haven’t checked the forum.

In the future, you can write in a ticket and someone will be able to answer your question quickly.


Regarding shipments for the back-orders. It will depend on where you are in line and I can check likely Friday or at the latest Monday as I took the next couple days off to unpack.

We originally had December as the timeline, but due to the recall, we do not have enough to fulfill both the replacements and orders.

Replacements should arrive on Friday or next Monday depending on customs.

They are producing the backorders right now, so my best guess if you weren’t one of the first backorders is end of December or early January.

I will make sure to send an email out once I know more.


Inquiring minds want to know…Red or Blue series???

Probably Gen 1 haha

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Thanks @Eric_Inovelli my order number is 37792, placed on September 19th

@Eric_Inovelli - Any updates on the next batch of blues shipping out to people? I placed my order back in November. I could be wrong, but last I heard the switches were in customs and expected to be received and shipped out by end of January.

I had a shipment notification (USPS) that a label was created on Thursday. Still hasn’t shipped but that makes me thinking they are prepping for their arrival!

I just got a shipping notification today for my order (10 x Blue switches) placed on October 15. Just looks like a label was created so far. Nothing for my second order on October 30 yet.

Joining the chain. I placed an order November 20th. I was wondering if there were any updates for orders around that time?


Not sure what’s happening with USPS… One of my tracking numbers said it was expected to be delivered Friday last week, but it has no updates after “Accepted at USPS Origin Facility” in Portage MI (I’m in California) from around a week ago, and now it just says “In Transit, Arriving Late”. The other one has been stuck on “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item” for one week :confused: