Out of Stock Item Thread w/ETA's

Not sure on 1.22


1.22 fixed a bug for Home Assistant users. I still need to make a post about it, but it was only a couple people that were seeing it.

1. Fixed the bug that the V1 version of Protection Set Command will cause RF state of Protection to not work correctly.

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Can we have another update to the dates in the OP? Jan 15th has come and gone, and it looks like the LZW31-SN’s were in stock for a while (I got some), but are now out of stock again.

@Eric_Inovelli Any chance we can get a stock update? :slight_smile:

Update is: currently out-of-stock. :slight_smile:

Yea… that seems to be a recurring problem, as if we keep buying them out or something.


This better not be april fools joke! Can I get on some pre-order list? lol

4-in-1 Sensor - LZW60
ETA In-Stock Date: 04/01/2021


Hi Eric,

I think we need an update on the Red Series Dimmer. The ETA has come and gone two weeks ago. Please let us know what you know.

I’ll have @Courtney_Inovelli update it tomorrow, apologies for the delay. With Amazon not accepting inventory, she’s been having to fulfill everything herself which literally works her all day and she’s the one who has been updating this as she’s closest to the logistics side.

I’d love to know when the Canadian suppliers are going to have some of those red dimmers. Pass some love up to the north :grinning:

Oh wow - I don’t think we realized this was a distributor problem. I wouldn’t have thought Amazon would refuse to accept inventory from any vendor.

Post has been updated! This is practically my first time back in the forum since December! Sorry everyone!

Red dimmers should be back in stock in Canada in about a week and a half to two weeks. Flight is landing in Canada and US on Thursday, has to clear customs, transport, etc so I’m eyeing 2/15 as a restock date just because we never quite know…


When will they be back in stock in the US?

Same time - dates posted in the original post.


4/1 on the bulbs isn’t a cruel April Fool’s joke is it? :sweat_smile:

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Lol no - we ordered a small batch of bulbs and sensors for you guys. Don’t make me regret it :rofl:


I’m in for at least 5 bulbs


Hi, I was just curious if there are any progress updates for the light strip end-caps? (ie, to bundle with T-connectors)

Preorder for both/either?

I’m in for between 4 and 14 bulbs depending on how my family wants to handle fan lighting :D.

I really REALLY want to test out the motion sensors but with HA and the cheapo Xaomi zigbee ones, I’m having a hard time selling them. HA is too fast from zigbee trigger to z-wave action lol.

Great question – we just got them a couple days ago – I think @Courtney_Inovelli is sending them out shortly and we’ll open up orders again :slight_smile: