Out of Stock Item Thread w/ETA's

nice! thanks.
Apologies to @Courtney_Inovelli … like she didn’t have enough to do already :smiley:

(fyi @anthonyjamesreinking)

:disappointed: sorry - I just moved the date out further after talking to our manufacturer last night. Always some sort of delay with them!

Oh no! Really looking forward to trying out the color bulbs. Will there be a way to preorder or just jump on them on 5/1?

Likely a pre-order but I’m not sure on date yet!

Is there any news on the LZW41 CCT bulbs and stock? Interested in some of those, but all I’m seeing is on the RGBW bulbs!

I too am interested in the LZW41 bulbs. I have some Hue bulbs that I’d like to swap out and use the LZW41 with Z-Wave associations.

I do not believe we will be restocking CCT at this time.

That’s a bummer! Thanks for letting me know- I guess there was a reason it was left off the list!

When you restock (or take preorders on) LZW42 bulbs, please include unboxed bulbs as an option on your website. Considering the environment and reducing packaging waste appeals to me. Buying from your company directly without Amazon as a middleman also appeals to me. Thank you!

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Hey @Harrison - I don’t believe we will be doing unboxed bulbs this time around, but we have considered doing a 5 or 10 pack like we did with our switches which cuts down on a lot of packaging. Will be sure to keep everyone updated!


You guys might want to stock more ilumin lzw42’s. Nice seeing them ranked at the top (spoiler alert!!!):


Working on it :sob:


Maybe do a buy back program? Store credit?

Edit: Not selling mine back.

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I’ve just learned about the LZW60 ans would like to give one a try, any word on the next availability? I’ve searched the forum and no info…

4-in-1 Sensor - LZW60
ETA In-Stock Date: 04/30/2021


I noticed that the 10pack for the black switches is still unknown, has there been any movement on that?

No known restock date at this point.

Based on my week early shipping notification, I think it’s time to update the top post! You guys have no idea how long I’ve been jonesing for a dimmer on my back porch, and I refused to buy elsewhere.


Sensors are now up for pre-order if anyone wants to grab some! Should be to us in mid-April but we put down 4/30 just to be safe.


Grabbed 5! TYVM.

Now to wait for bulbs. :eyes:

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