Out of Stock Item Thread w/ETA's

I was going to wait for the Rock Out Scene Controller to get my other light/fan switch, but this seemed like it made more sense to jump in on, thanks!

Oy, LZW42s are pushed back to August now?

It’s a mess… IC Chips are a hot commodity right now. Lead times went from 12w, 16w, 26w, to now 40w. Ugh…

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Dang, bummer.

Holy Balls! I thought August was a typo, and now I just feel really bad for anyone needing a bulb reload, and for you guys being stuck between it.

I’m on the Notify list!

Yeah and these specific chips also are in our dimmers, lightstrips (basically anything that dims) :sob:


With the red 10 packs out of stock, is there any discount for just buying 10 (or more) of the switches?

No, unfortunately not. These are separate SKUs and the individual switches with packaging cost more so we charge more for them and cannot discount them at this time.

@Eric_Inovelli Is there any rough ETA on when the red series dimmer switches will be back in stock? It looks like I just purchased the remainder of them, I’m hoping my order is able to be fulfilled.

We lost our house to the Alameda fire in Southern Oregon and are in the process of rebuilding our home, I previously had Innoveli in the house and loved them, I’m hoping to use 100% Innoveli switches in the new build w/ Homeassistant but will need to get them purchased sometime soon if I’m to meet the deadline.

Yeah we should be getting a small order in a couple weeks. They will go extremely fast, however, so if you haven’t already, sign up on our product page for notifications.

@Courtney_Inovelli - these are enroute, right?

Sorry about your house @Jonkieber - that’s terrible :frowning:

Thanks Eric, to be clear will the small order be the singles or the x10 packs?

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Singles only. 10 packs will not return until July.

Is there an update on getting any stock?

I updated the top post with current dates.

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Any news on the 4-in-1 sensors? I preordered back in March and the ship date has been pushed a few times. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this sensor.

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Great question – they are currently in customs right now. We’re hoping to have them late next week or early the following week. Stinks when there’s a customs hold as it’s oftentimes out of our control.

I remember one time where it was held up due to us not labeling the individual boxes that it was made in China. In 4+ years we never put that on our boxes (we just didn’t know it was a requirement as it says it on the product itself) – it took over a month to resolve and we had to pay a hefty fine to have someone label the boxes for us at customs.


@madj42 – just got word that the sensors have cleared customs today and should be sent to us early next week!



FYI I received a confirmation email that my sensors have shipped today!

I just got the email saying the Red dimmer 10-pack is back in stock, but the website still says they’re out of stock…