Out of Stock Item Thread w/ETA's

Hey sorry about the confusion! We had a system error that sent out an out of stock email on accident! Please disregard.


such a tease. support said the 10-packs now won’t be available until July–can the announcement above be updated with new expected ETAs for all products?

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Yea I will update everything - however nothing is set in stone at all. It’s constantly changing due to our manufacturer moving dates on us.

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Yep–understood. It’s great you even provide ETAs on out-of-stock items, thank you. More companies should follow your lead.

Is there a way to preorder the 10 pack dimmers and 10 pack switches? Just moved into a new house and I need about 22 dimmers and 22 switches. I don’t mind the wait but I rather have all the dimmers and switches arrived in one order and start replacing the dumb switches in one go instead of piecemeal it.

I can talk with Eric but as of now we don’t feel comfortable putting up pre-orders because we’re very uncertain about dates (dates in post are still fairly accurate but can change any second) and we’ve always dealt with customers complaining or writing in non-stop about when their order will ship, charging their credit card before shipment, etc so we kind of want to avoid that at this time due to the current circumstances with delays in manufacturing.


Understood, that’s fair. Will keep an eye out on availability then.

Is there a way to pre-order the 10 packs I need a bunch. Replacing all the switches and dimmers in the new house.

Read up 3 posts . . .


You should update the AARTech Canada list, they no longer offer the Black devices on their web site.

Can we get an update on availability?

Top post has been updated.

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Yikes! 1/1/22 for the fan and light switch


We have a few units left (less than 50) but I took them down until we figure out the disconnection issue. If/when we figure that out I’ll throw those back up for sale. Beyond that, due to the shortages of everything our manufacturer origially gave us a date of December but I’m just assuming it will be pushed back so I’m throwing out hopefully worst case scenario now.


Are there any rough ideas as to the stock levels the Red Series Dimmer will have when it comes back in stock? I’d like to get 2 for my house and I’m slightly nervous seeing the amount of people that want one that it might sell out immediately.

We should be receiving 10,000 individual units and 550 10pks. So hopefully plenty to go around!


So that’s where all the Z-Wave chips are going! :wink:

I don’t see a way to order face colors on the 10 pk Red Series Dimmers Pre Order

I just bought one (LZW36) from https://www.aartech.ca/ and having them ship it to the states, there’s nothing different about the canadian version right?

Nothing different - but you will have to pay 25% tariff fees on it! It will still likely have the disconnection issues though, but you may get lucky and get a unit that doesn’t act up!