Possible to Unbrick LZW30?

This is an old issue but it occurs to me to ask here to see if there’s a fix. I got a few LZW30’s right after they released years ago and when I did a firmware update on them later all but one took, this one bricked. It works fine manually but is useless on the network.

Is it possible to unbrick it? I don’t recall which firmware bricked it but I’m pretty sure it was he first update after release, maybe the second. It’s not a critical switch so obviously I’ve just let it be a regular switch now but if it’s possible to fix it it would be nice to have again.

Have you tried flashing it again?

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Several times to no avail until it just disappeared from my network. It had been a while so I just factory reset it and was able to get it to join my Z-Wave network, amazingly! And now it works again. To think I’ve been living with this for several years and a factory reset was all it needed, LOL. Thanks for the response!

Well that was easy. I’d check the firmware now that it’s communicating. If it’s out of date then maybe update it while it’s talking. However May not be worth taking that chance. Glad it’s working though.