Power outage appears to have bricked all my red dimmers

Well, this is unfortunate. But it appears all (4) of my inovelli dimmers I have installed have lost zwave functionality after a power outage. They still work on their local load, and I can communicate with them over zwave, but:

  • All associations are broken on every dimmer (one of my dimmers doesn’t even have a load, just uses association, so this effectively bricks it completely)
  • I am unable to exclude / reinclude the dimmer
  • After factory reset, I am unable to include the dimmer
  • Trying to re-interview the broken nodes fails half the time

I will try to play with it more later to see if I can get them included, but regardless this is very weird behavior and something is certainly not right that all of them were affected like this.

Additional note, I do have a backup generator which would have powered these lights for about 30 minutes during the outage. Any ideas? Does anyone else have a generator and have experienced this?

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I have a generac stand-by generator that kicks on in under a min after a power loss. Thus far I have not had any issues even with multiple power outages.

After you factory reset the dimmer are you able to enter inclusion mode? ie does it LED bar flash blue? Did you try a general exclusion after the factory reset? Which hub are you using? How many nodes are in your network?

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I didn’t have much time to troubleshoot it more than removing and re-adding associations, attempting an include/exclude, and attempting a factory reset. But I will try some more troubleshooting later.

As far as I was able to tell, I was not able to enter inclusion mode after factory resetting on the first dimmer I tried. After resetting, the dimmer LED bar changed from my customized color (white) to the default color (blue), but it didn’t flash. I did notice that was odd.

I also noticed on one of the dimmers, all my associations are gone and I can’t add new ones (there are no groups available).

I am using Home Assistant as a hub, and I have about 40 devices on my network I believe.

I’ll also go through and air gap them later to cycle power. I assume that shouldn’t be an issue but who knows.

Edit: Power cycle had no effect. Factory reset results in a blinking yellow/orange color. Trying to include it just blinks yellow/orange at me but doesn’t ever include. It occasionally flashed a purple/pink blink. So it appears to be a total brick after factory reset unless I am missing something.

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That definitely sounds borked. I would reach out to support and see if you can RMA.

The problem I’m having is that there is clearly something systemic here, as 4/4 of my Inovelli dimmers experienced this issue after the power outage, and 0/30 something of my other devices did. I actually have 3 Inovelli products in the box that I haven’t installed yet, but I’m a bit worried about this happening again.

Are they all on the same circuit?

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No. Two are on one circuit, two are on another. Each of those circuits have 3-5 other zwave switches or devices, none of which experienced any issues.

In my experience yellow/purple blinks only occur when the device is in Config mode.
Are you sure you are fully resetting these?

Also when you are doing inclusion/exclusion can you bring your hub closer to the devices?

As far as I can tell. I am holding the config button for anywhere between 20 and 30 seconds. The light turns bright lime green, then yellow/orange I think. Then when I release it starts flashing yellow/orange and I get a random purple/pink blink.

Also I am colorblind so unfortunately we are working with my best guess at some of these colors lol.

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The hub is about 5 feet from the device in this case, luckily.

I believe you are supposed to hold the config button until it flashes red. (Don’t know if this has changed with any firmware updates).

It may be red, I will need a normal color visioned person to confirm for me. I know I have held it an unreasonably long time in a couple of attempts to confirm this. I have factory reset these devices probably 10 times before due to some other issues I was troubleshooting in the past, so I am pretty confident I held it long enough.

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Also I have the latest stable firmware installed on all of these. 1.61 if I recall.

Out of curiosity, do you have a whole house surge protector in your breaker panel?

That I do not know to be honest. I bought the place not too long ago. How would I know? I can go check if possible.

This! It should go green, then yellow, and then red for factory reset.

I will try it again in a moment, but I held it for a very long time, and it did revert to its default color after the reset (blue led bar, I programmed them to be white). Again part of this issue is likely my description of the colors which I am not so good at. I may just not even notice the change to red, but I did a slow count to 30 while holding it at least one of the times.

One thing I don’t see documented is whether or not you can do a reset if you are in the configuration menu.
You may need to make sure you are out of this first, then try the hold config button for reset.

Interesting. Can I try air-gapping, and then factory resetting?