Problems setting parameters in homeseer

I am having problems setting some of the parameters in homeseer.
For instance parameter 13 for the red dimmer switch always returns what it was set to manually at the switch no matter what I try to set the parameter to.
example default led color for switch is 170 blue
When I set it to pink 234 it still returns 170 and switch led is still blue.
still trying other parameters such as the ramp rates which also do no seem to work.
However some parameters do seem to work correctly (such as led effects)

Any help or other results by homeseer users would be great


I have not been having a good experience working with the new inovelli red series dimmers and homeseer. As I understand it, integration is on hold until HS4 is released. I do have LED signaling, and setting up a neutral dumb switch three way working but I have not experimented with any other parameters. I still have the dimmer turning off randomly.

HI Devanb I did receive an email from inovelli, the problem with parameter 13 (led light color) is the manual was wrong, it is actually a two byte parameter, setting to two bytes I was able to set te color.

That is amazing information. This is the first time I have heard that the documentation is incorrect. Thank you very much for sharing the information with the community.

 Now if we could just get Inovelli to correct the **published** information on the website that would be even better. 

Thanks again Bill!

@Eric_Inovelli tagging Eric so he can see this and make the change!

I’m on it guys – sorry about this! I’ll correct it in our knowledge base and come back and let you guys know when it’s completed.

Thanks @Courtney_Inovelli for the tag!

6 months later and it still hasn’t been corrected. I just wasted half a day trying to figure out the same problem. The formula for deriving the color value is also wrong.

@Courtney_Inovelli I think it’s time for another nudge? I’ve do doubt @Eric_Inovelli is keeping busy.

Sorry guys – Just put a band-aid on the support site (asterisked the manuals and called out the error).

@TC1 – can you let me know what formula you’re referencing? Are you talking about @nathanfiscus’s calculator: Inovelli Switch Toolbox? Apologies for the half-day wasted :frowning:

Hi Eric,

Please see the thread I opened for this and other issue I’m observing: