Questions re: 3 or 4way blue switches + zigbee group to Hue bulbs

Thank you so much @Eric_Inovelli for your How To given here: How To's | Setup Zigbee Binding - Hubitat

I’ve accumulated many Red and Black Dimmers over the years, but they don’t have the Wife seal of approval. I’m eye-balling the Blue switches, but need to get questions answered first.

My questions are:

  • if two or three Blue dimmers are on the same circuit, can all three be associated directly to 1 or 8 Hue bulbs? (no hub traffic) And if so, is your writeup just followed for each switch individually? or all at once with some setting?
  • In this setup, will the dimmer indicator strip be sync’d between all blue switches?
  • Can the blue switch’s third “scene” button also be zigbee associated to only a few of the Hue bulbs (as just an on-off)?
  • Is there any way to give the up/on button priority over the third “scene” button? It drives my wife crazy when she blindly hits the top half of the switch (both up and third buttons simultaneously) and the switch just ignores her. Ideally it could give priority to pressing up/on.

Thanks in advance.

Not that I’m aware of. However, the Blue has a lower profile config button. The top paddle is just a bit proud of it now, so it is much less likely that someone will inadvertently press the config button instead of the top paddle.

You can do what you are looking for.

Group EP1’s of all switches and lights together.

Bind EP2’s of all individual switches to that group.

then you have 3+ “remotes” for 1 “light group” that includes the dimmers.

Remember to wire smart, meaning all switches will have hot/neutral at all times, no traveller, and only one will be the load switch which will need to be in SBM.

Happy to help and thanks for the kind words on the write up :slight_smile:

Yes for the question about all three being bound directly (although there will be some hub traffic as they will report back their status). Basically, there is a dropdown that will appear that will show all the various devices that can be bound to the switch

NOTE: The above is just an example – it looks like the app shows all devices regardless of if they can be bound or not. Either way, a drop down will appear and you can select each Zigbee device. The only caveat is they will have to have the same endpoint (in your case the endpoint is 0B, which is what Hue uses).

In other words, you don’t have to bind each individual Hue bulb as you can select multiple, but you will need to repeat this process for multiple switches as it’s a radio button and only allows one selection:

Yes, if done properly, the LED bar will sync :slight_smile:

I don’t believe this is possible, but @kreene1987 are you saying it is?

What I do in this scenario is use the main switch for associations/bindings and then use the config button as a scene control button. But if you can bind the config, that would be awesome.

So, if you want to turn certain bulbs on/off, you’d create a scene where if you tap the config button x times it will turn on/off bulbs.

Ex: I have a switch where two Hue bulbs are bound to and occasionally, I want to turn on/off a third bulb in an adjacent room. I’ll hit the config button 1x and that will either turn on or off the third bulb. Hope that makes sense?

Hmmm… I don’t think so, but that’s an interesting idea. I guess a way around this would be to not use a single-tap scene for the config button, but rather start your scene control on 2x taps.

So, if you want to turn on your secondary lights with the config button, set a scene to have them turn on/off with a 2x tap of the config button.

May have misunderstood. We do get scene events for config tap, but it is not part of the featureset of bindings. Might be a potential firmware improvement!

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Thank you… but I have no idea what EP1 or EP2 means. I assume SBM is “Smart Bulb Mode”? Probably best to avoid acronyms for all your newer users.

Thank you for the answers @Eric_Inovelli. Can’t wait for the Blues to get off backorder.


I just tested this but the response is the same. If you press UP and SCENE at the same time, absolutely nothing happens. It would be great to get an update that lets UP take priority in this situation.

End point 1/2

I’m 99% sure we did this on the Blue Series, but let me check. I know this has been a suggestion before.

Did you test this on the Red Series or Blue Series?

I see both events triggered on a blue


EP1 = Endpoint 1
EP2 = Endpoint 2
SBM = Smart Bulb Mode

Thanks for clarifying :smile:

Hopefully I find out what an Endpoint is when I receive my Blue switches and set them up.

Awesome! Thanks for showing this. I can’t wait to try this out when Blues get in stock.