Red Series 2-1 Issues (Clicking, Flashing Cyan & Yellow)

I’ve begun installing my switches but I got two different issues on two switches if anyone knows what’s going on.

  1. Switch doesn’t click when pressing the up paddle (light turns on), and when pressing the down paddle, the switch makes the click sound, and then flashes cyan and yellow. Any idea what this means?
  2. Switch doesn’t make the audible click sound but functions correctly. How do I make the sound work on this?

Are you referring to the audible click the paddle makes when you press it? Or are you referring to the sound of the relay that sounds more like it’s coming from within the switch?

If you could take a video, that would be super helpful actually.

When the LED bar flashes cyan and yellow, it typically means it’s resetting itself. Can you let me know the answers to these questions so I can better help?

  1. What load are you controlling (ie: LED Bulb(s))
  2. Do you have a neutral wire installation or non-neutral?
  3. Is this a single-pole (ie: one switch to your load) or multi-way (2+ switches to your load)?
  4. If it is a multi-way setup, can you let me know if you are using an auxiliary switch or a dumb/existing switch?

One random thing it could also be is that maybe the wires in the back are not secured tightly. It’s rare, but I’ve seen this happen too.

Can you let me know what hub you’re using (ie: SmartThings, Hubitat, Home Assistant, etc)?

Basically, there is a parameter that has the ability to turn on/off this click. If you’d prefer it to be on, there is a parameter called, “Disable Relay “Click” Sound” (or something like that). It’s Parameter 261.

0 = Sound is on
1 = Sound is off

I can help you more specifically once I know the hub you’re using.

Hang in there, we’ll figure it out!

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Hi Eric,

I appreciate the quick reply.

I am using HomeAssistant with ZWaveJS.

This is the video of both the switches in question: 20230710_141041.mp4 - Google Drive

  1. They are outside which I haven’t touched but looking at it, they look like incandescent.
  2. Neutral wire
  3. Single-pole

I just took a look at this and it looks like it should be making the sound but it isn’t?

Hey Farjad,

I had nearly an identical problem that you’re describing. It turned out that I had reversed the line and load when wiring the switch. I also had some light flickering.

Maybe double check if that’s your issue? My problems cleared up instantly when I flipped the wiring.

Hey Ivooys,

That did it.

It looked like the cyan yellow error was caused by the flip. Looks like the builder flipped the red/black wires and I just went along with it.

And for the clicking sound switch, my neutral fell out, so I fixed that and now it’s good.

Now on to 45 more switches and now I know what to look out for, lol!


Nice find!

Really weird I was going to suggest that, but I’ve only experienced it on the Blue Series and it does something different (it just goes into a boot-loop and clicks right away rather than when it is pressed – like you can’t even control it).

Good to know this is the behavior on the switch when line/load is swapped.

Ahh, nice – this didn’t even cross my mind, but makes complete sense. In the non-neutral setup, the On/Off is simulated and it doesn’t use the relay (which makes the clicking sound) but rather uses the MOSFET.

So, if the neutral wire popped out, that would for sure cause it. I would’ve never guessed that, so nice detective work!