Red Series Dimmer LED Percentage Control

I would like the ability to tell a Red Series Dimmer where the dimmer percentage on the LED bar should be set. For example, I am using Node Red in HA to program exact dim levels, and want to be able to send an MQTT command to the switch (via zwavejs2mqtt) so the dim level is reflected at the switch.

I second this. If we could just have more effects to choose besides chase/blink/etc and had options for effects like Fill10 to set it to 10% with steps every 5-10%.

Hey thanks for the suggestion and for seconding it!

So I’m clear, are you saying there should be better control over the fill level of the LED bar?

Like if you select, 10%, the LED bar will fill up 1/10th of the LED bar?

Yes, that’s pretty much it.

I can’t speak for @giantorth , but I’d even be happy with 5 x 20% steps.

For another example, I have a dimmer that I use to control 3 different window shades. So it would be cool I could reflect the existing % of each shade as I set each one with the switch. All done via Home Assistant of course, so just an LED level setting would be required.

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With control over the light bar fill it would become a lot easier to code virtual switches in a 3-way arrangement, one watcher automation could push out brightness display changes to the slave switches.

I think this is possible. It’s called Smart Bulb Mode, but really it is “always on” mode. Essentially the switch does not regulate or dim the load at all regardless of state. This effectively disconnects the switch dim level from the state of the load (bulbs, fixture, etc.).

What you can THEN do is control the brightness of the dimmer to the level you desire. So for example changing the level of a shade would be triggered on shade level change then update the dim level of the switch to match.

Now if you are asking for INDEPENDENT control of the load and the LED bar level, then that is not currently possible but to me would be incredibly confusing to me.

Oh I didn’t realize I could change dim level still in the switch after locking out the relay. I’ll have to play around with it.

This is distinct from disabling the relay (8 config presses), just to be clear.

Couldn’t this be accomplished using the Inovelli Notification Manager node in Node Red?

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Do the fan/light combo switches have smart bulb mode? I see local protection for light/fan which I believe is the normal relay cutoff setting.

Not as far as I am aware.

No, unfortunately we haven’t implemented the same feature on that switch. We’re kind of at a standstill with the manufacturer regarding the fan/light. Hopefully things will be better in Q1 2022 and we can fix some things and add features with the fan/light and on/off switch.

@Don is currently working on the relationship with our Z-Wave manufacturer.

I failed to mention I also have a dumb load attached to the same switch that controls my window shades so I don’t think your suggestion will work in my case (I didn’t think it was relevant to mention, but your suggestion shows that it is). But you bring up a good point - you would need a parameter to switch between the dumb load LED bar level and a programmed LED bar level. It may be confusing to you, but it makes perfect sense to me in how I would use it (basically sending Node Red variable values to the switch via MQTT nodes).

I think you will need to use an independent remote or dimmer to get that control. You can always use scenes for 25% up/down with double press, all the way up/down with triple, etc.

@kreene1987 I think you just helped prove my point as to why additional functionality is required.

To clarify how I use the switches - I use the scene control to select each window shade (in a Node Red flow), then the up/down dimmer to control the selected shade (also via the Node Red flow). So what I am looking for is the ability to set the LED light bar percentage via an MQTT command to the switch (via MQTT node communicating to the switch via the zwavejs2mqtt integration). But I also need the ability to have the LED internal dimmer work if that particular “mode” is selected (which would also be set via an MQTT command via zwavejs2mqtt integration). Hopefully that clarifies things.

Feel free to ask, but that is likely well beyond the intended use case of this device. I get the concept, but the reality is this switch was not conceptualized to work in that manner (I’m guessing).

Maybe get a z-wave remote and put it next to it on a wall mount?

What is the load on the dimmer?

I don’t understand what you’re getting at. Everything works as intended other than the LED control. Just because you wouldn’t use a device in the manner I am referring does not negate it’s usefulness, so I’d appreciate it if you would stop hijacking this thread.

It’s a dumb lamp.

@cmackenz just so I’m understanding (apologies, it’s been a long couple days and for some reason I’m not completely following) and so I can pass this onto the manufacturer as they prefer use-cases, can you let me know if this is what you’re wanting to do?

If you are in the Family Room and want to quickly figure out where your blinds are at in the Living Room, you could check via a notification or something on the LED bar (in your Family Room) what level your blinds are at in the Living Room?

Any time the blinds move up or down, it would send the percentage it’s at (let’s say 33% for 1/3 of the way down) to the LED bar in the Family Room so you can easily see and then adjust accordingly?

Put differently, the LED bar would be a virtual device of some sort that you could independently use to see and/or adjust your blinds?

Sorry, I feel like a simpleton with my automations that I didn’t get what you’re asking – I’m trying to learn, I promise!