Red Series Dimmer Switch Buzzing. Over Capacity?

I just replaced an Inovelli Switch Red Series (LZW30-SN) in my living room with an Inovelli Dimmer 2-in-1 Red Series (VZW31-SN). The new switch functions perfectly well in both On/Off and Dimmer modes, but it emits a slight buzzing noise while in Dimmer mode. The switch connects to (19) 10.2 watt LEDs. Am I over capacity on the dimmer function? I’d assume that because the buzzing doesn’t occur in On/Off mode that my wiring isn’t the issue - is that a safe assumption?

Light Fixture Specs:

You shouldn’t be. The Red 2-1 is rated for 300W LED, and you are a little under 200W.

If you’re set to Leading Edge, try Trailing Edge.

Under the device State Variables I see “dimmingMethod: Leading Edge”, but I’m not seeing a parameter or button push combination to switch to Trailing Edge. I saw another thread about Parameter 26, but I’m not seeing that option. Pretty sure I’m running firmware version 1.02. Is there an easy way to make that change?

Hold down the lower paddle and then click the favorites/config button (tiny one) 13 times. You should see a tealish color flash and then you can let go of the lower paddle.

Hm. I’m seeing the teal color flash, but the buzzing persists and the dimming method continues to reflect Leading Edge under the State Variables according to my Hubitat. I’m assuming I’m performing the input correctly? Under “Events” it’s reflecting the input as 6 and 7 presses instead of 13. I’ve tried a few times and achieve the teal flash each time (with identical event logs) but with no discernable change. Maybe I do need to try rewiring it?
Hubitat Events Screenshot

Thanks so much for y’all’s input by the way. Really appreciate it.

Does it look like this?

I don’t know Hubitat at all, but if there’s a way to manually refresh the parameter value, you could try that and see if it changes.

Yup! Looks exactly like that. I’ll have to see about refreshing the parameters. I thought I was accomplishing that, but the Hubitat system is still fairly new to me.

You should be able to see the static variables:

Yeah I’m consistently performing the input correctly (achieving the cyan light) but not seeing the state variable change to Trailing Edge. The buzzing in dimmer mode persists. What could I be doing wrong?

You may just need to do a configure all, refresh all command then refresh the browser (F5).

I’m afraid not. No change after configuring all, refreshing all, then refreshing the page.

Make sure you’re running 1.02 and not 1.00.

Yup. Definitely in 1.02.