Red Switch LED Notifications script - Zwave JS

Like many HA users I changed my zwave configuration to zwave JS from Open Zwave.

But now my script that controlled the switch LED has stopped working.

I originally followed scripts from here:

It was be nice if it was as simple as updating this line:
service: zwave.set_config_parameter
But I don’t think it is?

I would absolutely love it if there was a blueprint for controlling the switch parameter for the LED, is ther even possible?

According to the HA documentation, config parameters are currently not supported by the ZWave JS integration. If you want to set LED notifications or change other config parameters, you would need to use a different tool.


Thank you very much. I great appreciate the info.

Do you mean there are other tools you could use in conjunction with Z-wave JS to change config parameters, or by “a different tool” are you referring to a different Z-wave integration altogether (like OZW)?

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I personally use zwavejs2mqtt (websockets).

zwavejs2mqtt has 3 components:

  • Zwavejs server that HA can connect to over websockets (the exact same way HA is currently connecting to the standalone ZwaveJS integration)
  • A web interface that can control nodes and configuration settings
  • An MQTT interface that can be used to control nodes and configuration settings (if you dont use MQTT, you can disable this)
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@jtronicus do you use node red? If yes, can you set Z wave device configuration parameters in MQTT via node red?

Yes, I do use node red, and I am able to set configuration parameters in node red via MQTT.

For example, to set the LED strip effect to a cyan color, using the chase animation for 10 seconds, I just need to pass something like this to the MQTT out:


Sweet! Thanks.

I’ve been hesitant to switch to Zwave JS due to no config set call. But if I do Zwave JS along with zwavejs2mqtt i can then set them.

Why doesnt a change to the topic affect the device? I tried changing Dimming_Speed and also tried LED_Strip_Effect like your example.

I see the value change in MQTT explorer, but the switch is NOT affected. If I set it to same value through ZWAVEJS2MQTT web ui, i see the same topic change and it DOES affect the device.

The topics for me might be a bit different than the topic for you due to different configuration options. My config is set like this:

What topic are you posing to? and can you provide a screenshot of MQTT explorer so I can see how your topics are layed out?

I edited the post 3 times, lol. I got the topics to look the same, but changing the value either through node red or directly though MQTT explorer is not affecting the device. I am seeing the value change in MQTT explorer.

Heres my mqtt explorer now. Topic names, just values.

Heres my webui settings

Did you remember to add the “/set” to the end of the topic?

zwave/nodeID_3/configuration/endpoint_0/Dimming_Speed is for the current value.

To change the value, you should be posting to zwave/nodeID_3/configuration/endpoint_0/Dimming_Speed/set

Doing that adds this, doesnt affect device. Tried capital and lowercase s.


Reinstalled the add-on, tried /set again and it worked. Weird…

Is there actually a way to change LED notifications in conjunction with automations currently? Zwave js doesn’t currently support parameter changes thru service calls, so wanted to see if anybody had figured out a way around this to still use the LEDs.

I haven’t found an alternative but I see it is on the roadmap for zwave JS. I don’t know it’s priority but im waiting patiently.

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Now that ZwaveJS and Home Assistant (2021.3.0) support the zwave_js.set_config_parameter service (which is awesome!) I’m seeing that my Inovelli Red switch LED parameters are split into several:

  • One for color,
  • One for brightness,
  • One for effect,

With the prior OpenZwave I could set everything at once such as value: 33556983 meaning one zwave call and changes were instant. Does the zwaveJs implementation mean I have to make several calls to achieve the same?


Last I heard, there was going to be a PR to combine them. But for now, yes. Dimmer switches are fine (one parameter), it’s just the on/off switch.


Just another item to add here. I think that even setting the color only of the LED isn’t correct in HA/zwavejs. The color defines and enumeration of names that correspond to values. For some devices these named values are the only valid ones, whereas for the color case with the LED these are names are just shortcuts for some popular values. There is a field in the device definition for zwavejs that handles this called allowmanualentry. If set true any numeric value in range should be allowed. It looks like the current version (HA2021.3.3) of the python wrapper doesn’t honor this setting and so throws an error if you try to set a color value that isn’t equal to one of the named values. I filed an issue (zwave_js doesn't appear to be honoring the "allowManualEntry" setting for enumerated parameter values · Issue #47742 · home-assistant/core · GitHub) for this. So if you get that error message when trying to set just the color that would seem to be the cause.