Replaceable paddles

I saw in the road map threads that colors were to be supported, but it’s undocumented if this actually made it to production. Can anyone confirm if the paddles are replaceable? If so, but inovelli just isn’t selling the different colors yet, is there a known brand of compatible replacement paddles?

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Hey, great question @CHasenpflug1 and welcome to the community!

Yes, they’re definitely coming. We just got confirmation that they should be sending out the first week of December. I’m honestly not sure what’s taken so long as we paid for them back in May, but I think they wanted to make sure the Black Friday products, bulbs and 4-1 Sensors were launched first before producing the paddles.

Yes, confirmed – the colors that we’re producing are:

  • Almond
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Black
  • Grey
  • White

We just asked them recently to add in Light Almond, but that will not be included in the batches sent to us in December. We honestly didn’t even realize there was a difference until people started asking for them :rofl:

No, there isn’t unfortunately as the paddle design is different than the other companies out there.

Hang in there, they should be ready shortly!

PS - the colors above were designed to match Lutron Claro faceplates (my personal favorite) in case anyone was wondering!

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Any chance you could elaborate on those, or where we might find more details about them? Alternatively, feel free to just send me a few for beta testing :wink:

LOL – yeah, trying to catch up here in the forums.

The 4-in-1 sensor is basically a white-label product (ie: we took a manufacturer’s product and slapped our brand name on it) that can be found here:

Here’s a fancy 3D Rendering of it as well:

Lastly, our fancy picture:

More to come on these – honestly, the manufacturer showed these to us and we typically like to be able to modify the firmware on them (which takes time) but these are actually quite feature rich so we just said, “ok, let’s do it” and that’s where we are right now with the process.

They’re in Z-Wave Market Certification (they’ve already been Technical Certified as per the Alliance website – but Inovelli has to do their own certification with Z-Wave). Best estimate is they’ll be ready mid-December!

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Looking good. I’ll be very interested to see the response rate and final feature set.

You can always send out samples and let the community help you spread the word…

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Can the firmware be upgraded at a later time?

Do we have a date as to when the light almond paddles will be available? And can the paddles be easily switched after installation? I’ve got two dozen switches that I’d like to start installing. :slight_smile:

@Sfmcfar additional color paddles should be available mid-December! Yes - the are easily switched after install - you’ll just have to remove the face plate.

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Yessir! The sensor supports OTA firmware updates.


Great news! Now to go place my Black Friday order and patiently wait :slight_smile:

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Are these sensors already IC certified for Canada? If not, will they be certified for Canada when you launch?

I received my two Red Series Dimmers last week and have them installed. These are technically great pieces of hardware. I’m running without neutrals and they ARE a life-saver. Congratulations on a fine product.

++ Light Almond please! As I work through connecting up scenes and controlling the LED’s from Home Assistant, I also need a paddle color change before I can pass the WAF.

Definitely need the light almond.

When the paddles are ready, how do we get them? Will you offer to send them to people who ordered the switches directly from you? Will they cost extra? All of my dimmers/switches are light almond (a bunch of older Inovelli models and a few GE) but one Red Series dimmer in white.

You’ll be able to get them right on

Lots of colors to choose from too. Light Almond is still coming though. We missed the fact that Almond and Light Almond are two different colors.

Shoot. I emailed in a very detailed explanation pointing this out several weeks ago. Waiting patiently for light almond.

Posted this on product roadmap but cross posting here, didn’t see this thread earlier:

Questions were:

  1. Any updates on availability date? I had been told not December by email…a little or a lot slipped from that?

  2. Is it just the paddle? Or also all the plastic trim bits? (I.e. The condition button and the bezel around the switch and notification bar)


Since we’re down to the last 24 hours or so of December…is there a revised availability date?

Post-CES bump for an updated ETA?

Replacement paddles are now appearing in the Accessories area of the Inovelli store for US$4.