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I realized last night (correction: my wife made me realize :slight_smile: )that I’d be nice to be able to bring a dimmer up to full brightness without having to actually press and hold the paddle. I suppose I could always configure the favorites button to accomplish this but using the paddle just feels more natural. As it stands, we’ve got all the dimmers set to turn on to full brightness from the switch rather than remember the last value. If there’s another way of accomplishing this, i’m all ears.

Use your hub. Make an event for if you double-tap the top paddle, it sets the dimmer to full brightness. Problem solved :slight_smile:

What are you actually looking to do? Your subject suggests you’re looking for a long-press capability (which the device does support: it sends Central Scene commands on both a hold—i.e., long press—and release of either paddle direction), but that seems to be exactly what you’re complaining about in the post. Additionally, the dimmer itself can be configured for a default level when turned on locally (i.e., from the switch). Here’s what you’d see if you’re using SmartThings or Hubitat with the included DTH/driver:
If you’re using another platform, this is configuration parameter 9, and you’ll have to figure out how your hub lets you set that (which you maybe could also do from the config button on the switch if you’re using a hub like Wink that doesn’t let you do this, but I’m not sure if every single parameter is supported on that).

That being said, if you aren’t using the other scenes/multi-taps for anything else (and your hub lets you access these), a double-tap as suggested above would allow for this without losing the ability to turn on locally to the last level if you ever do want to.

All of this assumes the Red series, i.e. LZW31-SN for the dimmer. I’m not sure if the Black series supports anything besides the configuration parameter (appears to be 8 on that switch instead of 9) option above—a quick look at their ST and Hubitat code does not catch anything for holds, and I know it won’t do multi-taps since that’s one of the distinguishing features between Red and Black.

So I do have the level set to 100 for the local switch however if the light is already on and dimmed, pressing up will not bring it up to full brightness.

I understand there are a number of ways to accomplish what I’m looking to do and at the end of the day i’ll probably just end up programming the favorites button to bring a light up to full brightness (would rather not have to double tap, triple tap, etc… for this functionality).

And I also realize that there’s probably no way to accomplish what I’m describing the way I wanted to from a logic perspective. As the dimmers currently work, holding up or down will dim the lights accordingly so there’d be no way to differentiate between functions. I guess I could always just set the local switches to be on off and leave the dimming to pre-configured scenes or the app as well.

Long story short, probably a dumb request that I should have thought through before posting… :see_no_evil:

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Not at all! I’m not sure what hub you’re using, but basically all you’d have to do is respond to the paddle-up single-tap scene (on Hubitat and SmartThings, this is interpreted as “button 1 pushed”) and dim the lights to 100%. I don’t think that’s possible from the switch configuration except in the way I described above (and you’re already using), so that’s why I’d get the hub involved here. Since you want it to happen regardless, you could actually just blindly have the hub do that every time button 1 is pushed (on Hubitat this is quite easy; on ST, I think classic Smart Lighting can do this—set a dimmer level with a button push—but I haven’t used it in a long time). You could also have it check for “if dimmer on” before doing that (locally it would go to full brightness if off, so this is really the only thing you’d need to check for), but it should be harmless either way.

I was under the impression that setting the default level to 100% would cause the on button to set the light to full brightness, regardless of whether the switch is currently on or off. This assumption is based on a reply from Eric in this post:

If thats not how it works though, I think @BertABCD1234’s solution is the next best thing. Pressing the on button 1x, even when the light is already on, should still send the scene command. If your hub supports scenes, it can then send a command to the light to set brightness to 100%.

Of course, this only works if your hub supports scenes and you are using a red series dimmer.

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Thanks for the tips guys. I’m using smartthings so I can always take Bert’s suggestion.

@jtronicus- I will verify again but I’m almost postive that when default level is set to 100, pressing the button will not cause it to go to full brightness if it’s still on.