Scene control for gen2 on/off scene + notification

I don’t know how to get this to work. Is this an item that will be added down the line? under configuration I can change the notification color etc but cannot do double taps for scene x or y. basically I would like to double tap to turn all lights on or off in a specific scene with feedback to the switch (change the light color).


Hey @DGRESBACK welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

We can add just about anything down the line. Our goal is to update firmware 2x/yr based on everyone’s feedback and suggestions.

Let me see if I’m understanding your request bc I think it’s possible in what you’re asking.

Are you wanting to have your LED notify you if a scene executes successfully? For example, if you have a bedtime scene where you lock all doors, shut off all lights, etc you could have the LED bar light up Red to signify the scene ran successfully?

Edit: What Hub are you using?

I am using smart things. I want to double tap up or down or however many taps on the switch to execute a scene. I do want feedback from smart things to change the color of the rgb led depending on current status


In Smartthings you need to add TWO custom device handlers - they are on the Inovelli installation instruction page. One is the custom device handler for the switch, the other is a child device handler that enables scenes.

Make sure you have done both of those things. Once you have done that, you can create a new lighting automation. There you select what you want to turn on or off. From there the trigger should be a “button” and then you select whatever you named your switch. Then you’ll get an option to select which button and whether it is pushed (up) or held (down). Button one is one click up, two is two clicks up, etc.

If you want to control the notification light, once you assign a color, level, duration, and type it will then just show up as a “light” that you can control in any lighting notification.

That’s all you need to do. As an aside, you could install the app WebCore which allows you a LOT more flexibility and able to do some cool stuff.


thank you! got it working.

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sorry to jump onto this thread but can anyone tell me how long before the notification is in effect? I setup according to the steps above. The official instructions here rocks for anyone looking for one.

I set one up to notify when the front door Schlage is opened. I had to run out so couldn’t do any troubleshooting but I’m going to test/document (leaving the door unlock longer) and see if the notification will eventually come around. Thanks!

edit: woot woot… just notice it’s working!! (blinking red now). It feels like i was waiting for 5-10 min this afternoon for it, but it never blinked. if anyone knows how long before a notification goes into effect, i’ll appreciate the insight.

edit 2: locked the door as of 17 min ago and the switch hasn’t cleared yet. Giving up at the 20 min mark for tonight… now 30 min

edit 3: i ponder if i have to setup another notification to reset the notification when the door is locked, which feels counter-intuitive.

What hub do you use? Your rule needs to turn on the virtual notification switch when the lock is unlocked and turn that notification switch off when the lock is locked. The only delay should be from your lock getting unlocked until it reports that to your hub (some days are better than others for my old original Z-Wave locks) then notification rule should run and within a second or two the notification light should change on the switch.

This example is for the garage door opening but it should be similar, here it takes about 1 second from the time the hub sees the status change for the contact sensor which usually happens when the door is about 1/3 open.

@terk, thanks for the screenshot. It appears yours have the option to turn off the notification when close and mine do not. I have a SmartThings hub V2

I still have a ST Hub and just looked at that and see when you choose a lock it won’t give you the option to turn off when locked but if you choose a contact sensor you get the option. You might need to use CoRE or Web CoRE instead of the Smart Lights app if you want it based on the lock/unlock

@sean_trini - sorry if I’m misinterpreting, but are you wanting a notification if the door is unlocked, but also have it turned off when it’s locked?

If so (I haven’t tested this on a lock yet as, of course, my smart lock is not working) you can create two separate rules. One to turn on the notification when the door is unlocked and a separate one to turn off the notification when the lock is locked.

I’ve tested this setup with a light, but the same logic should apply to the lock.

@Eric_Inovelli, that is correct. If I have an alert to notify me when the door is unlocked, I expect that same notification to go away when the door is locked. This looks to be a limitation of the lighting app (I think) rather than the switch per se since that is available for the Hubitat hub

@Terk, thanks for double checking. I’ve dabbled into z-wave for a while but I haven’t played much with core / webcore. Lemme look into that

I guess i’ll setup another notification to turn off the alert when the door is locked as a workaround.

Ok… Relieved, but I am a little confused. I left the house at 11:30 am this morning and the notification was still on (red flashing in my case). Ran errands and now I just got home now @ 8:18 pm and the notification on the switch has cleared… ie, no flashing red and just the blue normal status.

I am stumped on how to proceed. @Terk @Eric_Inovelli a penny for your thoughts.

edit: oh boy… and now it’s blinking red and the door is currently locked.

@sean_trini - not a helpful statement here, but 8 hours for errands?! That’s an 8 hour shift. Might as well call that work. :grin:

@harjms, on the contrary, i’d call it another undocumented feature :slight_smile:.

I think I am holding off setting another notification for the door when locked. It’d mask whatever problem I am having. Curious on how it got reset to the default blue yesterday.

Is the virtual switch on or off? Forget the automation for now and just try changing the virtual switch when on it should blink red as you have it set to do, when off it should be solid blue or whatever you have set as the default. If that works multiple times and quickly then there is no issue with the switch but something wrong in the automation.

Interesting… Lemme set one up and does a virtual switch for the on/off works for the locked/unlocked action of a door?

Mine is currently set for the Schlage lock / door unlocked. It’s step #4 of the official instructions so i’m not doing anything special. But I planned to set up a second notification for a light switch on to see how the multiple triggered notifications work… ie both the door unlocked and a certain light is on.

So I would suggest taking a systematic approach if you can. I am not sure you may have some crazy delay going on here. Could also be combined with erratic ST behavior making it tougher to troubleshoot. I have some pretty complex rules for the notification lights, cycling colors, checking multiple lights, responding to scenes, and at all times - the response is less than a second.

Go into ST and go to the switch and you should see the list of notifications that are set up. From there, you can turn them on and off directly. When you do that, what is the lag time you are seeing? Is there any. Should be minimal if any. If that is responding fine, you know it’s NOT the communication from the hub to the switch.

Next I would open the ST app and lock and unlock your day to see if it’s reporting consistently. I have a few z-wave locks and although it’s mostly great, there is always a few failures where it doesn’t report right away and reports out later on a ping unless I actually lock/unlock again. (Not sure if this is a lock thing, an ST thing or what). If that is reporting quickly then there is something with the rule itself.

If the above is all working - I would REALLY take the time to install webcore and use that. It’s not crazy to get working, the piston stuff is a little hard to understand if you haven’t programmed before, but it’s not bad. WebCore I found works much faster than most on ST. Yes Smartlighting app is local, but I find webcore is way more robust and works almost as fast. And to be honest, if I lose internet, it won’t kill me that some of my lighting automations won’t work - I have the switches in that case.

If you get the webcore installed and need some help on pistons, let me know, we could write one up in no time to do what you need to do and we can then test and trace it.


Thanks @ffingers. I’ll take you up on your offer. I went ahead and setup a second notification for a light switch with the on as a trigger and the notification goes away after the light is off. It is interesting to note that once the 2nd notification (flashing cyan) has cleared (once i turn off the light switch), the 1st notification (flashing red) also cleared. Its app/automation setup does have an option to turn off and i received the notifications within 1-2 seconds.

I still cannot get the unlock/lock as the trigger to work properly and I’ll need time to debug.

Edit: adding screenshot showing the option to clear the on/off for notification #2… “turn off as well” which isn’t available for the lock/unlock option as verified above by @Terk for the SmartThings Hub, but available for the Hubitat.

If I’m not mistaken and @Eric_Inovelli can confirm, I’m not sure the notifications queue up which means if you had a notification one turned on, then turned on notification three…notification one was “overwritten”. If you look at it as just a light switch, when notification two goes on, all the others go off and I don’t THINK the switch holds previous states.

So that would make sense that once your second notification was cleared, i.e. turned off, the 1st notification, flashing red, would not turn back on. Again, would need Eric to confirm (if they do queue, that is interesting).

As to the unlock/lock working as the trigger - once you get webcore going - let me know. I can write a basic test piston and share the code as I have a smart lock and a red series and we could go from there. Let me know.


Definitely would like a confirmation from @Eric_Inovelli. I expect the opposite. From a user (me!) perspective, I’d think it defeat the purpose of having the notifications in the first place. Currently, here’s my setup.

#1 notification: flashing red for FD (Front Door) unlocked with Schlage Z-wave
#2 notification: flashing violet for Hallway Switch left on. I’m only using this as test, but I can see a need to monitor another Z-wave lock. I have plans to install one in the garage and one in the laundry room.

Currently for each of the notification setting, it has many seconds, minutes, the last one 5 minutes, then indefinitely duration options. With kids like mine, they often “forget” and leave the door unlock so I need to use the indefinite option for me to visually. Ideally, once the notification is triggered, there should be a way to clear it on its own as the on/off for the switch (my #2 notification test/screenshot above) or the locked/unlocked in the Hubitat Hub from @Terk screenshot. Thus not if, but when my girls forget to lock the 2 doors, i’d expect to see both a flash red and a flashing violet until someone locks the door. Or at least until its own remedy/action clear it, rather than another notification remedy cleared it.

For example,

  1. the girls leave the front door #1 unlocked and the garage door #2 unlocked
  2. both the notifications are on
  3. someone noticed the garage door #2 is unlocked and locked it.
  4. the notification for #1 should still be on until the door is locked.

I hope i make sense. Perhaps, this is a feature request/enhancement…

edit: there’s a schlage handler that shows when the door is locked/unlocked, but i’d have to keep peeking at the classic app and this is the only reason why i picked up the 1st Red series to test.

@ffingers, my webcore is installed. lmk when you can share your test piston.